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Electric Car Finance

With a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars coming into play in 2035, many more people are beginning to shop for an electric car on finance.

Confused about cost, availability and what electric car may be the best option for you? Let Euphoria help. With our tailor-made electric car finance deals, we can help any driver secure the car finance they need to continue getting from A-2-B. Poor credit car finance or new driver finance, used car finance, or new car finance, it’s all made easy with Euphoria.

With electric cars now clearly the future of motoring, speak to the team at Euphoria to help you find the best available options. Acting as a direct lender means we can say yes where others say no. So, if you are shopping for an electric car to drive down your carbon footprint and futureproof your driving, get your free electric car finance quote today.

Electric car finance deals

We are delighted to be able to offer such a wide range of finance options to drivers who wish to purchase an electric car on finance. Whether you are a new driver or one with years of experience, whether you are a driver with a glowing credit score or someone with very poor credit, we can help you secure the electric car financing that meets your requirements and budget.

We look at your individual circumstances and create an electric car finance deal built specifically around you and your needs. Always making sure that you can purchase a car and not find it placing a heavy strain on your finances.

No matter the electric car you have earmarked as the one you want simply speak to Euphoria. We say yes where other lenders say no.

Finance an electric car today

Our process for helping you finance an electric car is a simple one. You receive a free, no-obligation quote, and once approved, you can shop the stock of over 50,000 vehicles we have access to.

In fact, many people choose our simple way of securing car finance as it is open to everyone. Those refused credit before, those with a bad payment history, and those who have just passed their test are all welcome to apply, and unlike with other lenders, they are more likely to receive a positive response when applying for electric car finance with Euphoria.

Buying an electric car on finance

It isn’t just being accepted for finance that is easy with Euphoria. The collection of the vehicle is simple too. We operate online and over the phone and assist you every step of the way in securing your new car. Any vehicle you secure electric car financing on can be delivered by us to your chosen address, or, if you prefer, you can collect it directly and drive it home the same day.

Whichever option works best for you is the one that works best for us. Simply call us on 01282 509609 to start the process or get a free quick car finance quote now!

Electric Car Finance FAQs

Can I buy an electric car on finance with bad credit?

Yes, At Euphoria Finance, we know everybody has different and sometimes difficult circumstances. We review each application on an individual basis, carefully working out the best and most affordable option so you can still secure the electric car on finance that you want. Poor credit car finance is easy with Euphoria.

What electric car on finance can I buy?

Pretty much any you want! Our typical electric car finance covers vehicles costing anything from £3,000-£25,000, but more can be offered. Simply speak to our team to work through your requirements. We have access to over 50,000 vehicles making it easy for you to find the Tesla or any other electric vehicle you have your eye on. Explore our car finance deals to get a taster of what we have!

How soon can I get an electric car on finance?

We work very quickly to ensure you receive your new car fast. Once your application for electric car finance has been approved, you pick your vehicle and then we deliver your new car to you. Should you wish to collect it though, just let us know, and that can be arranged instead.

How long will my electric car financing last?

We offer varying plans with terms based on your needs and your affordability. We can offer from 36-60 months, each with varying deposit levels and rates. Simply speak to our team to get your free quote and see what works best for you.

Who can get an electric car on finance?

Anybody! At Euphoria Finance, we know that everybody has different circumstances and for some lenders, that’s a bad thing. Not at Euphoria. We want you to be able to secure that car you want so do our best to ensure you have an affordable electric car finance deal that means you don’t miss out when you need a new vehicle.

When does the ban on petrol and diesel cars come into force?

From 2035, all new cars will need to be electric. Why not futureproof yourself by starting your electric car journey today?

Will my electric car be ready to drive right away?

Yes. All of our cars are maintained and serviced ready to drive the moment we hand you the keys. Each electric car we stock will undergo stringent checks to make sure it is fully safe and compliant before you take ownership of it.

Are Euporia Finance regulated?

Yes. We are fully authorised direct lenders and are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our FCA number is 787816.

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