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Fast Car Finance

At Euphoria Finance we know people want to get things done fast. We appreciate the need for instant answers and positive results. That is why we lead the way with fast car finance. Always ready to say yes, always ready to get you on the road.

With over 50,000 vehicles available, an answer is a click away, meaning you can be financing your new car- fast. With finance available from £3000 and the potential to secure over £25,000, the car you dream of has never been easier to secure.

Being a direct lender means that the chance for you to secure fast car finance has never been easier. We asses each application on a case-by-case basis. Low income, poor credit, or a new driver – the team at Euphoria Finance understand circumstances vary from person to person and take that into account.

Fast car finance for poor credit

Applying for any type of finance can be daunting when you don’t have the strongest of credit scores. With Euphoria Finance that is never a need for concern. You can get a free quote today and be driving away in your car tomorrow.

Whether there has been a CCJ or maybe even bankruptcy, our expert team can keep you in the drivers seat no matter what.  We fully understand how circumstances can change from one day to the next and are sympathetic to the needs of all that make an enquiry with us. So committed are we to helping customers obtain poor credit car finance, we distance ourselves from other companies that finance car purchases. Where they say no. We say yes. Through our detailed, yet individual assessment of a persons needs, we are in a position unlike many other lenders.

We will carefully look at your application and then work out the best option for you.  A free quote will help map out your journey from enquiry to purchase and there is absolutely no obligation to proceed if it does not seem suitable to you.

Fast car finance for new drivers

A first car is an exciting purchase, it’s just those prices when you reach the forecourt that scare you off a little.  We have been specialists in securing fast first car finance for those looking for their first vehicle for years and know exactly what people want. Whether it’s a Saxo or a Punto, a Golf or a Corsa, we sort the finances so you can get moving.

Perhaps you have grander ideas for your first car, well, as long as you can get taxed and insured, come and speak to us about absolutely any car. With access to more than 50,000, we know your dream car is sitting among them. Making it affordable is our aim and knowing that first time drivers want to not only benefit from value for money but a top-quality car too, we work to find the best option to match your needs.

Fast car finance on new cars

Sometimes a new car is seen as so unattainable that you stick to a used model. No problem there whatsoever but wouldn’t it be nice to be the first to get the motor running?

Securing new car finance is something we have always looked to help people with and due to our case-by-case approach when assessing applications, it has never been easier. With so many fantastic cars on the market you can simply get a free quote to see how much we can lend you, complete an application and get approved quickly, then simply chose a car.

Fast car finance on used cars

Choosing a used car is a great way to get a car that little bit cheaper but still enjoy the top quality and standards associated with a new edition. You can secure fast used car finance with us in exactly the same way you would if you were a first-time driver or someone looking for a brand-new car.

As an added bonus, all of our used cars can come with a three-year warranty too. This means from the moment you get moving, you can enjoy peace of mind behind the wheel.

Get Car Finance Today

You can get car finance today. It really is that simple. Our dedicated team are always on hand to help you through the process but even quicker is the free quote. Simply tap the button below and complete all the required fields. We can then get back to you quicker than other direct lenders and have you in your new car tomorrow! It’s no obligation to, so if for any reason, you are unsure, have a change of heart or just wany to leave it for another time, then that’s fine! We know how daunting any financial commitment can be. That’s why we are the lender that guides you through the process. No hidden secrets, no confusing terminology, just a simple process with a simple answer.

Fast Car Finance FAQs

Can I get fast car finance with Euphoria Finance?

Yes, giving people an answer quickly is one of our key assets. Simply get a no obligation quote for free and, if you agree to the loan agreement, you can be in your new car as soon as you’d like.

Of course, we do not discriminate here at Euphoria Finance. We know that everybody has different circumstances that that can change daily. As a result, every application is looked at on a case-by-case basis meaning that every person has just as much chance as the next to be successful in getting car finance fast.

With such a huge selection of vehicles available you can secure finance for just about any vehicle. With over 50,000 available, it is easy to find the car you want.

All of our plans are created to be as flexible as possible and to match the needs of the customer. This typically means finance plans last between 36-60 months.

Our loan amounts vary but the typical sums leant for vehicle finance range between £3,000-£25,000. We can certainly lend higher amounts; simply speak to our team to see how best we can accommodate you.

No, we are experts in securing finance on a host of vehicles. Whether you are in the market for van finance, motorbike finance, motorhome finance or caravan finance we can help you.

Of course, this is something we specialise in. Simply get a free quote and see what works for you. We are open to all applicants interested in car finance. Whether it is your first car or your tenth car. Operating on a case-by-case basis means we can assist everybody that is looking to get on the road.

We sure are. Euphoria Finance is regulated and fully authorised by the FCA. Our FCA number is 787816 and our company registration number is 10388285.

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