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First Car Finance

Are you looking to buy your first car? Have you just passed your driving test? Age and time on the road should not affect your eligibility to acquire a car on finance. Euphoria Finance is here to help you get from A to B regardless of whether you are a new, young, or student driver. We have over 50,000 cars available and some fantastic car finance deals suited to people just like you.

Car finance for young drivers

Cars are expensive and the thought of parting with huge amounts of savings as a new driver can be disheartening. With fast car finance from Euphoria Finance, buying a car is broken down into manageable monthly payments. You don’t need to pay a huge lump sum. Instead, we will secure an affordable car finance deal for you with monthly repayments that you can comfortably meet. This is particularly helpful if you are a young driver and paying a higher rate of insurance due to your inexperience and/or age.

Car finance for students

You may have passed your driving test at college or university. Car finance is available for students too. We understand that finances are a tricky part of student life, but many of our car finance deals will be suited to a smaller budget. Using public transport to get to and from campus is easy enough, but the independence and freedom that comes with your own vehicle can be a real benefit with a car finance deal. If your parents are financially helping you to get on the road, we can also get them on board.

Choosing a car as a new driver

Young and recently qualified drives tend to feel comfortable in smaller hatchbacks – this also helps with insurance premiums too. Plus, they’re cheaper to fuel and maintain. With over 50,000 vehicles to choose from, finding your perfect first car won’t be hard with Euphoria Finance. We offer amazing deals on new cars and used cars, including brands such as:

Securing first car finance with Euphoria Finance

Gone are the days of having to purchase a cheap run around for your first car; constantly having issues and feeling unsafe. With Euphoria Finance, you can purchase a car that suits your monthly budget but that is also reliable and easy to drive. We’ll ensure you feel at ease in your first car.

Whatever your circumstances and however long you have been driving, get in touch with Euphoria Finance today. You can get a quote online or discuss your needs with one of our experts. Simply call 01282 509609 today.

Used Cars Available

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First Car FAQs

Below are some of our most popular questions asked about first car finance. If you have a query we haven’t covered, you can call us on 01282 509609 and one of our finance experts will be happy to help.

Can I buy my first car on finance if I have bad credit?

Absolutely, the team at Euphoria Finance are experts in dealing with you as an individual and not a statistic. Each person that comes to us is assessed on their current financial status and not on their previous history. Meaning that first car can only be a click away, regardless of your situation. Whether it is a new or used car, let us give you a quick quote today.

Of course, as above, we assess you as an individual and will look at what works best for you. We will put together a deal that you can afford without causing you difficulty. It is an aim of Euphoria Finance and our knowledgeable team will always commit to looking after your needs when it comes to purchasing your first car.

Our experience shows that most teenage or new drivers prefer a smaller car. Partly due to the lower cost of the car itself and the cheaper insurance. Our stock of used cars is ever changing and many are more than suitable for a teenage driver. We often suggest a 1L or 1.1L engine but that is up to you! With over 50,000 cars available to choose from there will be a host of hot hatchbacks and curvy city cars to keep your options varied. Some with prices lower than £5,000!

Whilst we cannot say yes or no to this as every person is different, finance is a great way to secure a potentially better or newer car without having the save up for ages. With our affordable payment plans, there is no huge outlay like there is when you buy a car outright. This means you have more disposable income each month to continue doing other things whilst still owning your perfect car.

With Euphoria Finance, our payment plans run from 36 months to 60 months. A variety of deposit options are available. All finance is offered subject to status, but we do ensure all applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

A deposit is required and the amount will vary depending on the car and amount of finance required. Speak to our team today on 01282 509609 to get the best possible and most affordable quote for you.

As with all forms of credit, you must be 18 or over to apply for finance. Quite often parents are helping get you on the road so it may be that they organise the finance with us whilst you come to an agreement with them about repayments. Our selection of used cars can cost as little as £5,000 and paid for in simple monthly installments.

All of our used cars come with a 3-year warranty, pass stringent tests ,and have an MOT so you can remain assured that once you collect the keys, you can drive away safely and fully roadworthy once insurance is in place.

Yes, Euphoria Finance is fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA Number: 787816) Company Reg Number: 10388285.

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