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New Car Finance

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Buying a new car on finance

Buying your dream car isn’t as expensive as you may think! Rather than purchasing a brand new car outright, why not break up the cost with our car finance deals? At Euphoria Finance, we have over 50,000 cars available for you to call your own. With brands such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes available, buying the car you’ve always wanted has never been easier. We also offer amazing finance deals on used cars too.

New car finance deals

At Euphoria Finance, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best finance deals on the cars they want. Our goal is to make your brand new car achievable for you. Due to our expertise, we are even able to offer bad credit car loans on new cars for those with poor credit.

Our fast car finance deals are second to none. Because we are a direct lender, we can do things differently and give you the best possible price on a new car. Your finance deal will be bespoke to you. Because we take the time to assess each customer as an individual, we can offer car finance to many more people than other lenders.

Brand new cars on finance

Euphoria Finance cares about one thing – securing you your perfect car with the best new car finance deal we can offer. You can rest assured that we will always give you the best possible price on a brand new car. Once you have selected a vehicle you are welcome to collect, or we can deliver nationwide – whatever is easiest for you! You can then take your brand new car for a spin.

If you’d like to get the ball rolling, simply complete our free online finance quote. We can approve you very quickly for finance should you wish to proceed. Alternatively, give us a ring on 01282 509609 and one of our car finance experts will be able to help you.

New Car FAQs

Below are some of our most popular questions asked about new car finance. If you have a query we haven’t covered, you can call us on 01282 509609 and one of our finance experts will be happy to help.

Do you offer car finance for new drivers on brand new vehicles?

We certainly do. The team at Euphoria Finance are experts in finding the best and most affordable finance options for you. Being a direct lender means we can give you the best possible price on a new car regardless of how long you have been driving.

You sure can! At Euphoria Finance, we understand people have varying circumstances that can affect their financial situation. Poor credit or great credit,  we assess each individual on a case by case basis and look at your situation as it is now and not how it was. Speak to us today to see how we can help.

Anything you have your eye on! With access to over 50,000 cars so it won’t be hard to find the new car you want. Our affordable monthly payments make it even easier! Our finance typically ranges from £3000 – £25,000 but can be more if required.

With Euphoria Finance, our plans run from 36 months to 60 months. When applying you can look at the best option for you. With varied deposits, you can see what suits you best based on your personal circumstances.

Anytime! Among the 50,000 cars we have access to, there are always new ones available. Whether it is family friendly or small and sporty, we can guide you towards the new car you have your eye on. Simply call us on 01282 509609 to get a quote and see how easy it is for that new car to become your car!

The purchase of a new car can sometimes impede on other important expenditure within the household. Securing finance with Euphoria Finance is affordable and allows you to make payments over a 3-5 year period. As a result, those family holidays, home improvements, or mortgage repayments can all be factored more easily into your budget.

No, if you wish to use your old car as a deposit, you will have to sell it first.

Yes, all cars that we finance will have an MOT of at least 6 months.

As with any form of loan your credit score is affected but by keeping to your affordable monthly payments, you actually stand to improve it, which can be hugely beneficial when it comes to other financial commitments in the future.

Yes, Euphoria Finance is fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA Number: 787816) Company Reg Number: 10388285.

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