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BMW Finance Deals

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Have your sights set on a new BMW? Wanting to upgrade your current car to something more stylish? Euphoria Finance can offer you the best BMW car finance deals to help you buy your dream vehicle. So, even if you have poor credit we can source the best BMW finance for you. We offer car finance when other providers cannot.

We have an incredible array of BMW models to choose from, with some of our most popular models detailed below. Whether you are seeking new car finance or used car finance on a BMW, our friendly team are ready and waiting to provide you with a quote!

BMW X5 Finance

Initially released in 1999, the BMW X5 is a mid-size luxury SUV. BMW actually coined the X5 as an SAV (Sport Activity Vehicle) to highlight its on-road ability. The X5 was one of the first SUV crossovers to hit the market and it has remained a popular family car since. Whilst they are undoubtedly attractive inside and out, the BMW X5 boasts dynamic handling, a strong engine, and a very comfortable ride.

The latest release of the BMW X5 comes equipped with an array of different driving modes that can be implemented when travelling across snow, gravel, rocks, and sand. As well as this, all of the onboard technology is underpinned by the new BMW Operation System 7.0 which intelligently integrates all vehicle functions.

BMW 3 Series Finance

A compact executive car, the BMW 3 Series accounts for one in five of all BMWs sold worldwide. Available as a saloon or touring estate, the BMW 3 Series is not only stylish but practical. Depending on the spec you choose, a brand-new BMW 3 Series can set you back anywhere between £30,000 and £50,000. However, Euphoria Finance can tailor a new car finance package to meet your needs and secure your dream car.

Used BMW Finance

BMW are a luxury car manufacturer, and this is reflected in the price. However, Euphoria Finance has an array of used BMWs in stock, meaning you can own your dream car at the fraction of the price. Furthermore, with our used car financing we can tailor a finance deal to suit your personal circumstances.

BMW Car Finance

Buying a new or used BMW shouldn’t be difficult – getting a new car should be exciting! At Euphoria Finance, we take the financial stress out of buying a new car. As a direct lender, we can offer you hassle-free, fast car finance to get on the road in a car you love. You can get a free no-obligation quote from us online to get the wheels turning or call us on 01282 509609.

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