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What is a Pre-Reg Car?
Posted on 24th November 2021
A pre-reg or pre-registered car is a vehicle that has been registered to a dealer or leasing company but has never been owned by an end-user. They’re not classed as...
The Pros and Cons of Buying a New Car
Posted on 17th November 2021
If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, you might be considering buying a brand new car instead of used. We’ve already looked into the pros and cons of...
How to Safely Drive Your Motorhome in Icy Conditions
Posted on 10th November 2021
While the best way to stay safe in icy conditions is to not drive at all, there may be some situations where it is unavoidable. Driving in snow and ice...
Top Tips for Winter Motorcycle Riding
Posted on 3rd November 2021
For many people, winter is a time when the motorbike gets tucked away in storage until the weather warms up again in Spring. However, you might not want to or...
How to Upcycle Your Old Vehicle
Posted on 27th October 2021
You might have a car, van, or motorbike that is no longer road-worthy. But you might still have an attachment to your vehicle, and not want to send it to...
The Cheapest Cars to Insure for Young Drivers 2021
Posted on 20th October 2021
When choosing your first or a new car, you’ll have different priorities for what you need. You might need extra boot space, you might want it to be more economical,...
How to Drive Safely in the Rain
Posted on 13th October 2021
The UK gets, on average, 133 days of precipitation per year, so it’s likely you’ll have to drive in the rain sometimes. Driving in severe wet weather can be hazardous,...
10 Best Motorbikes for Beginners
Posted on 6th October 2021
There’s nothing quite like experiencing the open road on a motorbike. If you’ve got your A2 or A licence and you’re ready for your first bike, take a look at...
How to Get Car Finance with Bad Credit
Posted on 29th September 2021
Having a car is likely a necessity in your life, but buying a new car is a huge expense. If you aren’t able to pay out a lump sum, you’ll...
5 Best Cars for Motorway Driving
Posted on 22nd September 2021
Whilst a surprising number of drivers avoid motorways on their journeys, statistically motorways are the safest type of road in the UK. Modern cars are increasingly being designed to drive...

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