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The Best British Cars: 5 Iconic British Car Brands

Posted on 19th August 2022
The Best British Cars: 5 Iconic British Car Brands

Britain has long held a reputation for innovation and creativity, especially in the motoring sector.

Over the years, we have been able to enjoy iconic Minis, Jaguars, Aston Martins, Lotus’ and more.

Today, the team at Euphoria car finance picks the 5 most famous British car marques and what made them so special.

1.      Aston Martin

Iconic, recognisable, and oozing class and sophistication, the Aston Martin is a car synonymous with Britain. James Bond loves them; car enthusiasts adore them. What, aside from the elegance, makes Aston Martin the British car marque?

Formed in 1913, Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford set upon creating a vision from their tiny London workshop. They took the name after Lionel Martin used one of his own unnamed cars to compete in the Aston Clinton Hill Climb, which he won. The foundations of a legacy were well and truly born. Race wins and entries to world famous competitions soon added to the mystique and in 1947, the first of the iconic DB nameplates was released. The DB3 and DB4 followed, but once the DB5 hit the road, the world changed, and a real icon was born. Often cited as the most beautiful car ever created, the DB5 still has people’s attention all these years later. With the powerful Vantage now on the market as well as the constant evolution of the DB models, Aston Martin are purveyors of quality and the hallmark of excellence.

2.     Jaguar

We cannot mention British car brands without giving a nod to Jaguar. Much like Aston Martin, it is a marque that symbolizes the best of British. Innovative in design and effortlessly stylish, the product range has produced both family saloons as well as sports coupes. These days, trading under the Jaguar Land Rover name, the company fuses together the Jaguar and Land Rover names, trading as one business and yet running two different marques. When first formed in 1935, the 2.5 litre saloon was gracing the roads with all the style and panache the brand would become famous for. By 1948, the team at Jaguar was already becoming well versed in creating something special, and the XK120 established them even further on the automotive map. Flowing lines and effortless curves made it a standout car of its era. Fast forward to the 1960s and E-type was the car everyone wanted. A 3.8 litre engine made the car roar like the fierce feline it was named after. Fast forward to today, and luxury saloons, sturdy SUVs and sporty coupes dominate the Jaguar vision. Working towards making all their cars electric from 2025, this is a marque that not only moves with the times, but it also changes them too thanks to its creativity.


3.     Mini

Whilst now owned by the German company BMW, the name Mini is ultimately British. Formed as its own brand in 1969, the popular small car has graced the cinema screens, music videos and advertising campaigns for decades. Interestingly, though, the name Mini has been on British roads since 1959 when it was a model of car made by the BMC group. It was this particular mini that started the fascination with the quaint car and from there, an interest grew rapidly. In 1969, such was its popularity that the Mini became a standalone brand.

In 1999, one year before production ceased on the Mini Original, it was voted the second most influential car of the 20th century.

These days, convertibles, SUVs and estates all fly the Mini flag and whilst distinctly different vehicle types, they all deliver on the unique look and style associated with Mini.

4.     Vauxhall

Owning a Vauxhall seems like a rite of passage for most drivers. Popular as a first car, with families, and as a company vehicle, its reach is almost endless and is probably the brand for which car finance for young drivers is requested most often. Founded long ago in 1857, cars were not released under this badge until 1903. A few years later, the brand was acquired by General Motors which helped see an increase in production as well as sales. During World War II, Vauxhall slowed car production to focus on tank building and created the famous Churchill tank. After the war, car production resumed and throughout the ‘50s and ‘60s, whilst cars were being produced, the supply couldn’t match the demand. Under the tutelage of GM, productivity increased and as a result, sales increased. They were still a little off the pace, but by 1975, things changed. Utilising the Opel brand (also owned by GM) saw a rapid change in quality, despite the models being more or less the same. From there, the name grew from strength to strength and over the coming decades, solidified itself as one of the most popular in Britain. Affordable, reliable, and available in a variety of styles, it lends itself to all customer types.

5.     Lotus

Famous for being an innovative brand that transcended the world of racing cars as well as road cars, the Lotus marque is one that commands respect, largely from the legacy created by Colin Chapman. Creating lightweight, sleek cars at a more affordable price than the more famous global names, as well as producing electric cars, SUVs and coupes, the innovation has never slowed at Lotus. Credited with the Elise model being the inspiration for the Tesla Roadster chassis, the Lotus brand continues to help the car industry stay fresh with its ideology.

There are 3 more exciting models pencilled in for release over the next three years, all due to be electric. The Lotus Emira, produced in 2022, will be the final Lotus vehicle to be powered by an internal combustion engine.

Moving into the world of electric car, is a way forward that many are now venturing into. Can Lotus remain as innovative as ever and stake a claim to be ranked alongside Tesla? Only time will tell.


If you like to drive British, perhaps consider a model from the 5 marques we have listed above! Each has their own unique quality, and ensures a stunning drive both in performance and appearance. Need fast car finance for your next car purchase? Speak to Euphoria Finance today. We specialise in helping people with any type of car purchase. Whether you are looking for brand new cars on finance or want to investigate the options available to you with used car finance deals, speak to us today. We can even help if you are concerned about poor credit car finance.

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