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What is Hypermiling? Get the Most from Your Fuel

Posted on 11th January 2023
What is Hypermiling? Get the Most from Your Fuel

With fuel prices being a bone of contention for drivers, finding ways to save money and make every penny go the extra mile has been a task many have risen to.

This is why many drivers now embrace the idea of hypermiling. What is it you may ask? Well, hypermiling is simply getting the most out of every drop of fuel so you maximise the miles per gallon.

Surely everyone is already doing this right? Wrong! Many people have yet to take advantage of a few techniques that save you money and get you covering more distance than you thought possible.

What does hypermiling mean?

A term that originates from the USA, hypermiling is where drivers try to extract every last drop of fuel to get more MPG than perhaps the car manufacturers claim is possible. When fuel prices rose to crazy levels in the USA in the early 2000s – much like they are globally now- drivers looked to be more economical. Sales of hybrid cars started to rapidly increase but with them also needing fuel, the drivers looked to further extend the economic potential of their cars.

Oddly, this has become a trend celebrated on social media with many drivers, “competing” against each other to show just how far they have got with their fuel.

So how can you become a hypermiler and make your fuel cost less but make the distance covered more?

How do you hypermile your car?

To really be a hypermiler and save those pounds, you will need to take on a few techniques, and apply a little common sense.

One of the first things to assess is the need to drive. If the journey can be completed by walking or cycling, then do that. You don’t need to burn any costly fuel other than your own! You would then look at the driving option should it be the only one you can take. If it is, then you look at a route that is as direct as possible.

This sounds obvious enough but the specific techniques that will benefit you, your car, the environment, and your wallet may not always sound as obvious as you may have thought.

These could stem from things such as how and where you park your car, how fast or slow you drive and so much more.

What are the hypermiling techniques?

We have already stated the obvious one of, not using your car unless necessary but a few other things can help.

Coasting where possible means that you don’t use fuel as such. Instead, “in-gear coasting” works when you remove your foot from the accelerator. Most manual transmission modern cars switch to a fuel cut-off mode when coasting in gear. This means as the car slows, it is the deceleration that is powering it forward and not the fuel. This should not be done in an automatic though as it can damage the car.

Optimise cruise control if your vehicle has cruise control fitted. Choosing to use it at the right time can be beneficial as it allows you to adjust your speed in smaller increments or just maintain one set speed. This uses less fuel than constant acceleration and braking.

Park wisely and well to make sure you don’t waste fuel. Having to carry out extra manoeuvres to get in or out of a parking space uses more fuel. Parking facing forward and in less crowded spaces allows for a smoother entry or exit from the parking space. Furthermore, parking on a downward slope can help you coast away, although this isn’t always highly recommended as you may not be in total control of the vehicle. You can also use the location to your advantage. If it is cold, park your car facing the sun so that the sun can help melt any iced-up windscreens. This way you won’t need to use the window heaters and consume more fuel. In addition, if it is hot, park in the shade so that the air con isn’t needed as soon as you start the car.

Using the right oil and adding fuel additives can make a huge difference in getting the best possible MPG. A low-viscosity oil is best, but you should always check it matches the guidelines as set out by the car manufacturer. Not only will this help with fuel consumption, but it will also extend the life of your engine. A fuel additive will make the fuel mist finer and therefore enhance the combustion of the engine and as a result, save fuel costs.

Optimise your vehicle to ensure it performs at its best. Fully inflated tyres, regular servicing, and ensuring no excess weight is carried will all help save fuel consumption,


These are just a few of the techniques you can embrace to get the most from your fuel but there are plenty more you can discover such as ridge riding and slipstreaming although these can be seen as slightly riskier to your road safety.

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