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The Best Motorbikes for First-Time Riders

Posted on 28th November 2022
The Best Motorbikes for First-Time Riders

Your first motorbike is always the one that stays in your memory the longest. No matter which superbike you may end up with in the future, you always remember the first one that you could call yours. Hearing the engine purr and then that feeling of exhilaration as you pull away cannot be beaten. However, finding your first bike can be difficult. There is so much choice, so much cost, and so many questions, it can be easy to get lost among the options.

That is why our team at Euphoria Finance have picked the 10 best motorbikes for first-time riders. Like what you see in the list below? Then let us know – we have been helping secure motorbike finance for riders of all ages for years. Simply let us know the bike you are interested in and let us take care of the rest.

Which bike should a first-time rider choose?

Before we delve into our selection, it would be worth knowing what you can and can’t ride as a first-time rider.

From the age of 17, you can ride a 125 cc motorbike. You’ll first need to complete a theory test, a practical test and CBT (compulsory basic training) before enjoying your new bike on the open road. This will see you riding under an A1 licence category.

Once you reach 19, you can apply for the A2. This opens up the next stage of biking as not only do more powerful bikes become available, but motorway riding is now allowed. Entry requirements are the same, except the bike you are assessed on must be a minimum of 395 cc.

Once you reach 24, you can then apply for a category A licence, meaning you can ride any cc of motorbike. This can be achieved sooner if you go via the progressive route. The progressive route allows riders to be granted the next level of licence earlier due to their experience in lesser categories. For example, a rider with 2 years’ experience on an A1 licence can apply for an A2 at 21, providing they take an additional test.

1.      Honda CBR 125R

Honda has always been a well-established brand in the motorbike world, providing riders with a mix of powerful and stylish bikes. The CBR 125R is quick, looks incredible and has fantastic fuel economy. With great handling as well, this bike fits all the requirements of newer riders. You can expect to pay just over £3,500 for a new model.

2.     KTM Duke 125

Staying in the 125 cc category for now, we had to include this one on our list. Agile handling is not compromised by the chunky look. The appearance of the bike may make you think it packs more than a 125, but this is certainly a bike that sits within the A1 licence category. Looking the part has never been easier on a motorbike and at just under £4,000, it isn’t out of reach for many new riders.

3.     Yamaha YZF-R125

How could we not include Yamaha? Like Honda, they are another manufacturer that just knows bikes. Speed is not a problem on this mini beast, with 70mph easily achievable. Not too imposing but by no means a small motorbike, the YZF-R125 gives newer riders the feel of a bigger bike within the lower category requirements.

4.     Kawasaki Z125 Pro SE

Another 125cc on our list that comes from a renowned bike specialist. Kawasaki has been producing stunning bikes for years and this, whilst not as visually appealing as some others we are featuring, is a great bike. 6-speed transmission, a slim frame and a decent top speed make it an ideal bike for getting about on 2 wheels when in towns and cities.

5.     Kawasaki Versys-x 300

Big bike style and small bike cost is just one reason this is a bike of choice for many. Good for both on- and off-road riding, this Kawasaki also allows for a decent amount of fuel economy. Something many new riders always list high on their considerations. In addition, the bike handles well, has decent top speeds and provides users with a ride that feels safe and sturdy.

A new model will cost a shade over £5,000, but a used Versys can be closer to £3,000.

6.     Ducati Monster 797

When you hear Ducati, you instantly think speed, style, quality and noise. That is why if you want one of these, you’d need it restricted if you are an A2 licence holder. This results in a 40% drop in power, but it still packs a punch.

It is a basic bike when compared to others on this list, and some may say you are paying for the name alone. Far from it, this bike handles extremely well, has a lightweight yet strong chassis and high-quality Brembo brakes. With a nod to retro biking in its appearance, some new riders may think they are missing out when mounting one of these. It’s safe to say they aren’t. Stripped back of complicated tech, this is pure riding on a quality marque.


These are the 6 bikes we currently rate the most for the younger riders. If you have been inspired, get in touch. We love to help secure finance for people of all ages and all circumstances. Operating as a direct lender means if you have a poor credit rating or have been refused credit before, we can assist you in getting on the road. Experts in vehicle finance, the team at Euphoria Finance love to say yes. Get a free quote today and ride off on a new bike tomorrow.

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