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How Often Should You Service your Van?

Posted on 24th February 2022
How Often Should You Service your Van?

Recently we spoke about MOT’s and servicing your car, but what about the van owners? Are the requirements to get your van serviced any different? Perhaps you are in the market for a van finance deal and need guidance on how to look after the van once you have it.

Today we break down for you how to get the best our of your van and keep it running smoothly.

Types of van service

Much like with cars there is different types of service available depending on the mileage and use of your vehicle. It is normally assumed your vehicle is serviced once a year but certain things flag up that may require it sooner. For example, the distance you have driven between oil changes. Ignoring the opportunity for a service may result in huge bills further down the road.

Interim Service

An interim service is commonly completed every 6 months or 6000 miles. These tend to be for the higher mileage driver. Normally they would include around 30-40 different checks including but not limited to

  • Oil change-where special or synthetic oils are used, there may be an additional charge
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Oil leak check
  • Cambelt check
  • Clutch and gearbox operation check
  • External lights check
  • Horn check
  • Battery condition
  • Wheel bearings
  • Brake pads, fluid level and discs
  • Exhaust
  • Tyre condition and tread depth

The service provides an in-depth look at all key parts of the van and ensures you are fully compliant to be out on the road. The cost of an interim check is normally around £120 but can be cheaper. With these checks taking place, you can expect to be without your van for around 2 hours, however some garages may take less time depending on the condition of the parts being checked.

Full Service

A full service is scheduled to take place every 12 months or 12000 miles. Including everything an interim service involves as well as around 20 extra checks, a full service is a comprehensive inspection of many, if not all, of your vans key features. Some of the checks in addition to those of an interim service will include:

  • Replacing the air filter
  • Windscreen checked for chips and cracks
  • Seatbelt inspection
  • Security of battery and lubricate its terminals
  • Spark plugs

With the approximate 40-60 checks that take place during an interim service, you can expect to be without your vehicle for some considerable time. An average full service can take about 3 hours. Cost wise, we would advise you to shop around as there are a variety of pricing options out there. Many of which are based on the vehicle type and size. Expect to pay anything from £130 to £300 for a full service although you may find them cheaper, and in some cases more expensive

Major Service

The major service is the most in-depth service you can have for your vehicle. With between 50 and 70 checks taking place. It is very thorough and can take considerable time.

These checks include everything from both an interim and a full check as well as but not limited to:

  • Replacement spark plugs
  • Under bonnet wiring
  • Replacement brake fluid
  • Replacement fuel filter

The costs for one of these checks are obviously higher than an interim or a full service and, again vary dependant on vehicle type and size. An average cost is about £280 but you can find them as low as £250 and as hight as £400.

Additional costs

Whilst many things are replaced due to the very nature of the service, some are just checked and if the mechanics flag it up as faulty and in need of replacement, you will need to pay for the repair. Whilst you do not have to agree to the additional work being done, it may end up costing more down the line as the fault progresses.

Useful hints

If you fail to get your car serviced within an appropriate timeframe, you may find yourself encountering higher costs in the future, so it is important to keep on top of your service history. Our quick list below should help you avoid anything unusual:

  • Log your service history so you know when the next one is due-perhaps set a reminder on your phone!
  • Keep an eye om your mileage, use our suggestions above to get an idea of when you could be due a service. Especially if you have been driving more than usual.
  • Get quotes from a variety of garages-remember you do not have to go to a manufacturer authorized dealer for the service. It will help with selling though when a prospective buyer sees a full dealer history.
  • If you have recently bought a larger car, don’t be surprised to see slightly higher costs in your service.
  • When you have found a few garages, ask what is included in the relevant service. By shopping around, you may get a better service for less money.

All our vans on finance pass stringent tests before they are allowed out on the road. We won’t let anyone drive away until we are 100% satisfied with the condition of the vehicle.

If you need a van on finance or are someone with poor credit needing van finance, contact the Euphoria finance team today for a free quote. Our selection of new and used vans allow you to get on the road easily and affordably.


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