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How Often Should You Service Your Caravan?

Posted on 30th May 2022
How Often Should You Service Your Caravan?

Over the past few months, we’ve kept you fully up to date on servicing your vehicles. However, we haven’t yet covered caravans, and with caravan finance becoming one of our more popular requests, we’re now giving you the lowdown on what to do once you have your own.

Typically, a caravan service should be conducted annually. There are two different types of service to be aware of – not only will the mechanical aspects of your caravan be inspected, but also its habitable state. A habitation check is not a legal requirement, but is highly recommended as an annual check, or as soon as you take ownership of a second-hand model.

We will look at both below, so if you own a caravan or are considering buying one, our guide will provide you with all you need to know.

What is included in a caravan service?

The standard mechanical service is very like a standard car or motorbike service. It focuses on how to keep your caravan safe on the road.

Chassis and running gear service

This essentially covers all aspects of the mechanical service for your caravan. The engineer will ensure that the chassis is in prime condition, alongside all other elements that must be roadworthy. Key checks will include:

  • Brakes – the engineer will check that they operate correctly, as well as their overall condition. To do this, the wheels will be removed to ensure a thorough inspection
  • Springs and damper assembly – the engineer will check for abnormal wear in the bearings and any signs of leakage from the dampers
  • Corner steadies – these are inspected to ensure they remain easy to use, are secure, and have not corroded in any way
  • Jockey wheel – this will be looked at to ensure that there are no signs of damage and that the wheel operates as it should
  • Tyres – these are checked for general wear, age, and air pressure. The depth of tread will also be inspected
  • The actuating linkages, reversing system, and breakaway cable will also be checked

What is included in a caravan habitation service?

The caravan habitation check ensures your caravan is safe for you and anyone else using it as living quarters whilst away. Gas, water, and the general condition of the caravan will be inspected.

Whilst a habitation check isn’t legal, we highly recommend conducting this service. In fact, some mechanics offer a combination of mechanical and habitation service in one go.

To make sure your caravan is fit for habitation, key checks will include:

  • Gas – the hoses, regulators, valves and manifolds will all be inspected. In addition, the gas storage method will also be checked to ensure it is secure, sealed properly, and has appropriate vents
  • Gas leaks – once all components for gas flow have been checked, the engineer will also check that it can flow properly. The system will be pressurised and monitored. If a drop in pressure is found, it could indicate a leak. The engineer can repair leaks, but be aware that this repair does not come as a standard part of the habitation check
  • Appliances – gas is such a fundamental part of a caravan’s running that anything requiring gas to operate will be checked for its safety, operational quality, and general condition. In addition, smoke and CO detectors will be checked to ensure they are present and working
  • Electrical systems – the systems that connect car and caravan will be checked to ensure that all lights work and that all onboard electrical systems are fully operational
  • Leisure battery – the battery and fuse board are both checked for their condition and to note their location
  • Water system – this will be checked for its operation, safety, and to ensure there are no blockages. A leak check is also completed. The pump and inlet will be checked for water flow
  • Toilets and taps – all functionality will be checked, and where hot water is required, the hot water heater will also be inspected
  • Structure and fittings – windows, vents, doors, and seals are all checked to ensure they are operating sufficiently
  • Damp check – it’s important to check if this is included when you book your service. Spotting it early will save a lot of money in the future

How long does a caravan service take?

If you find an organisation that can carry out both types of service, it will take around 4 hours in total. It can be a little longer if you own a twin-axle caravan.

How much does a caravan service cost?

For both the mechanical and habitation service carried out at the same time, you can expect a cost of around £200-£300. It is worth remembering that if any repairs are required, they are not covered by the inspection, and you will have additional costs to pay.

Who can service my caravan?

Many mechanics can carry out the service, but you should find one that is part of the approved workshop scheme. This has been in operation for over 40 years and is formed through the National Caravan Council, The Caravan and Motorhome Club, and the Camping and Caravanning Club. This way, you know for sure that you are having your caravan serviced by a fully accredited engineer.

Whoever you find to service your caravan, it is vital to check whether gas and damp checks are included.

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