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Why Should You Consider Buying a Dash-Cam?

Posted on 12th April 2023
Why Should You Consider Buying a Dash-Cam?

Road traffic accidents and vehicle theft are huge issues on UK roads and have seen large numbers of people come to harm or put into a vulnerable position.

The latest government statistics show that in the year ending June 2022, there were 1760 fatalities reported in road collisions and a staggering 137,013 reported casualties of all severities on the road.

In addition, the latest vehicle theft statistics show that in 2022 an average of 159 vehicles were stolen each day!

Luckily dash cams are helping bring criminals to justice and aiding police in establishing the causes of accidents and whether there is a chance to take dangerous drivers off the road and keep the UK roads safer.

We looked at dash cams and how they could help keep you protected on the roads.

What is a dash cam?

A dash cam is a small camera that you, as the name suggests, mount on your dashboard, or in some cases, windscreen. It faces the road ahead and records your journey from start to finish.

There are a variety available, each offering drivers a different opportunity to view the goings on either in or outside of the vehicle.

With the ability to have the footage time-stamped, dash cams are becoming increasingly beneficial should a prosecution or defense be required. A great source of evidence, they can help exonerate you if you were alleged to have been at fault but can also help prosecute others should you have been hit by another driver or assaulted whilst on the road.

What are the types of dash cams?

We mentioned above that there are different types of dash cam and each presents you with varying benefits.

A front-view camera will simply record everything going on in front of you on the road.

Dual-view cameras pick up what happens both in front and behind. These are particularly useful for capturing those incidents that may happen in traffic jams where you are often hit from behind.

Interior view cameras are a great option for learner drivers and also for taxi drivers and couriers. Focusing just on the inside of the vehicle they allow the user to review driving techniques, monitor passengers and keep an eye on the cargo being transported. These are becoming increasingly popular as a deterrent against driver assault or vehicle theft.

Why should you install a dash cam?

As we have already touched upon, having a dash cam in your vehicle can greatly help when it comes to establishing the causes of accidents, preventing thefts and assisting drivers in learning more about driving. That isn’t all though, in fact, dash cams can do much more.

1.       Prevent road rage and spot dangerous driving

Some drivers let aggression get the better of them and may at times succumb to road rage. Deciding to confront you when in a traffic jam or parked up. Others may feel that the highway code doesn’t apply to them and think drunk driving or texting on their phone is perfectly fine. A dash cam can pick these things up and you can then use the footage to help other road users by submitting it to authorities.

2.      Fraud prevention

We have all seen the bizarre footage where people claim to have been hit by a car and dramatically fall to the floor when nothing has happened to them at all. It is strange behaviour, but clever exploitation of loopholes and getting the relevant documents from a GP has resulted in thousands being paid out to them as “victims”. Luckily with a dash cam installed, this fraudulent action can be exposed quickly and see the con artist punished rather than the driver. This also applies to other road users that may intentionally cause crashes to extort other drivers.

3.      You can see the full view of your road trip

If you have decided to indulge in a little road trip, you may want to keep the wonderful sights for posterity. With the devices able to store lots of footage, you can enjoy reliving the full trip again and again. You may have photos of some great landmarks or views but some of the sights from the road may not have meant that much until you watch them back!

4.      Monitoring car usage

Perhaps the car has been a gift for a new driver, maybe bought on first car finance and as a result, the parents paying for it may be more inclined to keep an eye on how it is driven and by whom. Seeing a son or daughter drive responsibly will give peace of mind and added reassurance that everything is ok behind the wheel.

It can also be helpful should your car have been sent for repair. With cameras able to be activated remotely, you will be able to check your vehicle whilst it is out of your grasp. Factor in that GPS is built in too and you can see where your car has been and how it has been driven.


How does a dashcam affect my insurance?

Adding a dash cam is a fantastic way to help protect your premiums. Footage may be able to absolve you of any blame and as a result, see your no-claims discount remain untouched.  It is also hoped that with their rising popularity, dash cams will help bring insurance costs down. Many providers now offer discounts if you have a dash cam fitted, however, this discount could be rescinded if you do not supply dash cam footage when asked.

Insurers will look to you more favourably if you have a dash cam installed. The factors we mentioned in previous sections for example give them much to go on when a claim is made. In addition, the installation of a dash cam also shows insurers that you are confident that your driving will be viewed favourably.

How much does a dash cam cost?

The cost of a dash cam will vary depending on the supplier chosen but you can expect to spend anything from as low as £20-£300 or more. It ultimately all depends on what specifications you would like your camera to have. Some offer 4k quality, night vision and GPS among other great features. Others simply record in standard definition, only work well in natural light and have limited storage.

Can I install a dash cam myself?

You certainly can. There will be garages or stores that offer to fit them at a cost but in most cases, installation is simple and relatively quick. Should you choose to have it installed by a third party you could be looking at an additional cost of approximately £50.


Should you have just secured a brand new car on finance, there is every chance you want to look after it as much as possible. A dash cam could be one part of that solution. It isn’t just new cars though. The stunning cars we have on used car finance deals at Euphoria Finance will want just the same level of TLC. Why not contact us today to see how you can find your next vehicle affordably. With options available for new or experienced drivers as well as those looking for poor credit car finance, we love to say yes!

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