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Why Is There Ice Inside My Windshield and How Can I Fix It?

Posted on 14th January 2022
Why Is There Ice Inside My Windshield and How Can I Fix It?

It’s a cold morning and you are about to make your make the school run in your brand new car. The icy weather though has added a slight delay to proceedings as you must clear the ice from the windshield. No problem, you’ve done it plenty of times before. What happens though when it’s on the inside? Have a look below to see how you can fix your internal ice issue!

What causes ice on the inside of my windshield?

It’s quite simple – it’s exactly the same cause as on the outside – moisture and temperature. If the internal temperature of your car drops low enough, any moisture could condense and then freeze. The moisture could come from a variety of places though and that can sometimes be the hardest thing to locate.

Damp clothes

If you have left a damp coat or maybe some boots after your long dog walk laying on the back seat, you are storing moisture within the car. This could lead to a windscreen freeze up as the moisture has nowhere to escape. Remove these and you have eliminated one main factor.

Unfinished drinks

When filling up with petrol, you may have grabbed a drink from the service station too. If you leave the bottle within the car, the moisture from it will linger in the air. It’s worth checking under seats as sometimes they may have rolled away! Bin your bottles and one of the most common causes of a frozen windshield is removed.


This may sound like a strange one and tends to be more common with newer drivers – how is heat causing my car to ice up? – it is more frequent than you think. By having your heating on high and on the recycle setting, you are just recirculating air and more importantly, your breath, which contains moisture. Once you stop your journey and park the car that moisture still lingers. Use the other setting and you are one step closer to an ice-free windscreen.

Car damage

Your vehicle may have seen better days. Perhaps, visually, it looks in great condition but that doesn’t mean there aren’t problems with it. Many causes of a freezing windshield are caused by cracks in the glass, damage to window seals, or a faulty air con system. A leaking coolant will leave plenty of moisture in the air which will soon turn to ice. At Euphoria we thoroughly inspect all of our vehicles before releasing them to you so you can rest assured they are in the best possible condition before you hit the road.


Similar to one of our earlier pointers where we referenced damp clothes, your footwell can harbour a lot of water. Your wet shoes rest there every journey and without something to absorb or remove the moisture created, it becomes a fast-developing source of your iced windshield.


So, these are just some of the causes. Of course, there can be many others but for now, let’s look at how we tackle the problem.

Stopping my windshield freezing

So, after reading our list above, it would appear quite simple – just remove any of the factors above and your windshield will no longer freeze over on the inside. This isn’t always the case though, so here are just a few other tips that may be worth utilising.

Open windows

If you own a garage, park your car in it, rather than just on the drive and leave the window open a small amount. This will allow any excess moisture to escape. Plus, it’s the safest place to keep your nice shiny car!


You may have a dehumidifier in your house, so why not apply the same logic to your car? Many retailers stock small pads that can be put in your car that suck moisture from the air. They are cheap and easy to use. Alternatively, a tub with salt, cat litter, or rice can also work, although you would need to replace these frequently.

Use the A/C

To some people, there is the myth that having air con on at the same time as heating simply has a negative effect as one battles the other. By using your air conditioning, you are actively removing the moisture from the car but still heating it at the same time.

Treat your windscreen

It could well be that the very area that is freezing is actually one of the main contributors. A simple, easy and cheap way to do this is to give it a good clean. Make sure it is dry once you have cleaned the glass though as water particles may stick to it. Then put a small amount of shaving foam on the windshield with a cloth. Remove the foam to a streak-free finish. The chemicals within shaving foam create a thin film that prevents moisture from clinging to the glass and will stop it from freezing.


Hopefully, this guide has helped you avoid encountering this problem again!

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