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What is Checked in an MOT

Posted on 21st January 2022
What is Checked in an MOT

An MOT or Ministry of Transport Test is the annual check on your vehicle to make sure it is safe, roadworthy, and falls within the required standard for exhaust emissions.

In England this only applies to vehicles that were first registered less than 3 years ago. Issued by the DVSA, approximately 29million MOTs are carried out every year. Without one you may be breaking the law. At Euphoria finance, all our cars reach you with an MOT so you can drive away safe in the knowledge that your car is 100% roadworthy.

Below we look at what is checked when you take your vehicle into one of the more than 22,000 test stations around the Country. Before we do though, we have listed a few things you can check yourself pre-MOT and avoid extra costs associated with having them rectified by the garage.



Check all lights are working, the easiest way is to have someone else walk around the car as you operate them. They can then let you know what is working and what may not be.


Does the horn sound sufficiently loud enough?


Look to see if all connectors are attached correctly, you should also look for any leaks of battery fluid. Some garages offer free battery checks.


Failing brakes contribute to almost 10% of MOT failures. You can check them daily. If you notice your car veering to one side, making strange noises or the fluid levels dropping rapidly, speak to someone at your garage before booking an MOT.


Tyres are obviously an important part of your vehicle and not only contribute to a large number of accidents, also contribute to a large number of MOT fails. Use a tyre depth gauge to check your tread meets the 1,6mm minimum.

Seat belts

Give the belt a sharp outward tug to see if the restraint system works

Display items

Is your registration plate visible, both front and rear of car need to be totally clear. It’s the same with your speedometer, can it be clearly read?


You may hear a rattling from the exhaust, this will need to be corrected before your MOT, some garages will offer a free check on this. Emissions from your exhaust can also be checked. Measure the oil levels under the bonnet ensuring you are not under the minimum or over the maximum level.

Drivers view

Your windscreen, mirrors and wipers all need to be checked for cracks or signs of damage. Anything that can impair your vision of the road, could lead to a failed MOT.


At The MOT

So you have prepped the vehicle to the best of your ability but what checks will be carried out. Something to remember is that at an MOT does not cover the following:

·        Engine

·        Clutch

·        Gearbox

For these you will need to take your car for a service.

Body and general structure

These are checked to see if there are any signs of corrosion damage or sharp edges that may cause injury.


If you have a towbar, it will be checked for how secure it is, its general condition and that it hasn’t had any repairs or alterations that may compromise its safety.

Fuel System

The fuel system is a vital part of the vehicle and will be checked to ensure that there ae no leaks, all fittings are secure and that the fuel cap fastens and seals correctly.

Exhaust emissions

These are checked to ensure that they meet the current rules for emissions. The check will depend on the age and type of vehicle.

Exhaust system

When having your car inspected the exhaust system will be checked to ensure it is secure, not leaking and doesn’t have a missing catalyst if one was fitted as part of the vehicles manufacture.


The initial check you would have carried out pre-mot will go someway to reassuring you that all is ok, however at the MOT, they will be inspected for vehicle suitability, their condition, whether they are attached securely, are mandatory for the vehicle type and most importantly work properly.

Most cars have a series of warning lights, and some relate to seatbelts and airbags. These will also be checked to ensure they function correctly.


The MOT will test whether the drivers’ seat can be adjusted correctly and that all seats are installed securely with them being able to adjust where necessary.


During an MOT the doors of your car will be subject to a few tests. Do they open from both inside and outside? Is the latch secure when in the closed position? Are hinges and latches in good condition and more importantly, secure?



Each vehicle type will have a minimum number of mirrors required. The test will check for that as well as their security and condition.

Load security

Any storage areas such as the boot will be checked to ensure they close properly.


Brakes are vitally important and will be checked for their overall condition and whether they have been modified. An efficiency test will also look at their performance and operation. Any ABS or ESC systems will also be tested.


Tyres and wheels

As with all of the major parts of the vehicle, this part of the test will check the condition, how secure they are, their suitability and the tread depth. (Remember 1.6mm is the minimum).

If your vehicle was first used after Jan 2012 the tyre pressure monitoring system will also be tested.

Registration plates

It may come as a surprise but a dirty, altered, or incorrectly coloured reg plate could affect your MOT result. The test will check that it can be read clearly, is legal, and secure.


If you followed our pre-MOT tip you are halfway there but during the actual test, the garage will also look for the aim of the headlights, their operation and their overall condition as well as the main beam warning light.


A simple check to see if it opens and closes properly.

Visual aids

Similar to many of these sections, if you have checked them over correctly, you won’t have any concerns. The wipers, washers and windscreen will all be checked to ensure fully functioning operation giving the driver a clear view when driving.


A simple check to ensure it is suitable for the vehicle and works properly.

Steering and suspension

The MOT inspector will assess whether they function correctly in general operation and that their condition is sufficient. These parts will also be inspected for additional works or modifications.


Many of us have heard about how two vehicles may have been fused together to create one, not only is this dangerous, it will fail you your MOT. The team at the garage will check to ensure the vehicle only carries one VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).



The battery is vitally important and will be checked for leaks, operation, wiring and security.


Now you have a comprehensive list of how to get ready for an MOT and what will be checked when you take your car in. With Euphoria fiance, you can always have piece of mind that all our vehicles go through stringent tests to make sure they are fully roadworthy and safe before you drive away. So whether it is a new car, a used car or a first car, you can speak to us with confidence today about getting yourself safely on the road.

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