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What Car is Best if You Like a High Driving Position?

Posted on 20th June 2022
What Car is Best if You Like a High Driving Position?

Many sports cars, or even road cars tend to have a mid-low driving position allowing for a closer to road experience, a sleeker vehicle, and an increased feeling of speed. Many people are now looking for vehicles that offer a high driving position. Providing a better view of the road, creating a feeling of a safer driving environment, and allowing for clearer sights of traffic and other road users. In addition, simply getting in and out of a vehicle with a high driving position can be much easier and eliminate the chance of some injuries!

We have picked a selection of the best cars for those that like a high driving position.


Volkswagen Tiguan

We love a good VW at Euphoria Finance and find that they are one of the most popular marques people look to when looking to secure brand new cars on finance.

The Tiguan Estate is a perfect family vehicle. Lots of seating space, decent boot room and a great engine. Available in both a 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive option, this family friendly SUV gives drivers, control of the road and great views of oncoming traffic.

Renault Captur

Available for an extremely good price on the used car finance deals market, the Renault Captur provides drivers with a good clear view of the road whilst also allowing similar for those in the passenger seats too. Appearance wise, you could see it as an SUV/ Hatchback crossover. Efficient to run and visually not too imposing, the Captur is a good family vehicle. Android play is built into the higher spec editions and space is abundant in all.


Porsche Macan

If a sportscar marque is key to your car choice, then you do not need to look much further than the Porsche Macan. Providing a nice, high and safe driving position, the Macan gives the impression of a spritelier Porsche than its shape suggests, and with adaptive suspension as well as unique to Porsche tyres, it gives a different, and maybe to some people, better driving experience. All editions come with 4WD making the occasional off-road jaunt possible too. It’s stylish, not as expensive as you’d expect, and provides drivers looking for that high driving position a real touch of class. Looking for something sporty? You could secure fast car finance today on a Porsche or any other type of vehicle.


Ford Kuga

Britains most common car brand does the job of providing a high driving position well with the popular Kuga that is available in a variety of editions. Whether it is petrol, hybrid, or diesel, there is a variation for you. A Central touchscreen courtesy of an 8inch display is modern and helpful. Whilst it doesn’t pack the storage space of some of the others, it will certainly get on a family holiday with some room to spare.


Audi Q7

Another that some may class as high-end, the Audi Q7 provides drivers with a high driving position that offers a nice clear view of the road and a stable journey. Great for 7 people, which can be reduced should the need for more storage space be required. This model from Audi oozes class. Don’t be daunted by the price though, we believe this is one of those vehicles that really does deliver on the old adage of, “You get what you pay for.” We have specialized in bad credit car loans for many years and could have you driving in an Audi Q7 sooner than you think.  Our only negative, the handling isn’t the best for a vehicle of this size but that’s about it!

BMW X3 Estate

With BMW, you guarantee yourself a robust, high-performance, reliable vehicle. Sure, the price at times can put people off but this midsize SUV gives drivers a performance like no other. A perfect view of the road due to the high driving position – possibly the highest on the list- is combined with the same creative mindset that accompanies the hatchbacks and saloons of the same brand. Quick acceleration, decent tech and typical German reliability. This could be your best option for BMW finance deals.


Skoda Kodiaq

Affordability in the age of the cost of living crisis is key and with the Skoda Kodiaq you get just that. Offering lots of space, a great high driving position, that can be adjusted if need be, a very reliable vehicle that can transport 7 people easily and provide an agile and smooth drive, the Kodiaq also boasts some great internal features. Touchscreens, keyless entry and ignition, parking sensors, and adjustable driving modes are all available. Just pick an edition that suits your needs to and you’ll be driving high, smoothly and without denting the budget too much.

Range Rover Velar

A Range Rover is synonymous with quality and the Velar provides drivers with luxury travel and extremely impressive views of the road and surrounding areas. A stylish look gives the impression of a very high-end road car but you can certainly enjoy it off-road too. For one of the higher price point vehicles on our list, it doesn’t offer the same boot space as the Audi or Porsche that we featured but it does offer plenty of other positives. 2 large touchscreens, decent fuel economy, and a stunningly luxurious interior make this a Range Rover that makes a statement. Plenty of options available on all editions mean you can make this vehicle suitable to your needs easily.


These are just our picks of the best high-driving position vehicles, perhaps you have other favourites you could recommend. If so let us know.

Alternatively, if you are on the lookout for a vehicle that offers a nice high driving position, giving better views of the road, a feeling of safety and a more comfortable drive, speak to us! With years of experience in providing people with finance for new or used cars as well as securing loans for first car finance and drivers with poor credit, we can get you driving. Get a free car finance quote today and see how easy it is to drive away tomorrow.



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