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What Are the Best Self-Charging Hybrid Cars on the Market 2023?

Posted on 10th May 2023
What Are the Best Self-Charging Hybrid Cars on the Market 2023?

The gradual transition from full combustion engines to either hybrid or fully electric cars has led to many people having to consider alternatives to their go-to vehicle.

Whilst much of the market has embraced the change and incorporated hybrid technology into some of the more common and popular models, there are still some that haven’t. As a result, buyers are often unsure of the model that may suit their needs best. With that in mind, we have picked a selection of incredible self-charging hybrid cars that you can secure cheap car finance on and be driving away sooner than you think.

With offerings from Toyota and Kia among others, the selections of self-charging hybrids are varied. Have a look below to see what car ticks the boxes for you.

What is a self-charging hybrid car?

Before settling on a car from the next generation of motoring, it would be best to know what each iteration means. With the market flooded with plug-in hybrids, full hybrids. and mild hybrids, it is easy to get lost in the terminology.

A self-charging hybrid is often seen listed as a full-hybrid or HEV. With a small battery pack, it can run on electric power alone at low speed and for short distances before the petrol or diesel takes over but unlike other hybrids, it will not need to be plugged in to get the electricity flowing again. Instead, these self-charging hybrid vehicles regain their electric power using energy that would have otherwise been lost through braking or the engine.

This energy is then stored in the battery and used in place of the petrol or diesel element when necessary. Especially good for small journeys, these vehicles have been seen to present many benefits for those that are more likely to just drive about town than head out onto the motorway.

Overall, self-charging hybrids will see you save money on fuel costs, present lower CO2 emissions than petrol and not require additional charging and start eating into your electricity bill.

Perhaps one thing to be aware of though is the 2035 change. From then, all new cars sold will have to be fully electric rather than hybrid and from 2030 you will not be able to purchase a new petrol or diesel vehicle.

The 5 best self-charging hybrid cars you can buy

The hybrid market is full of varied options. Where the price point may look attractive on one vehicle, its capabilities may somewhat be lacking. On another, the functionality of the vehicle may appear perfect, but the price could be a little excessive. Luckily there is some middle ground and many of the cars we feature will provide you with a balance of all the features you need at a price you can find affordable. You don’t always have to go for new though! Used car finance deals on hybrid cars provide a fantastic opportunity to secure a great vehicle, in excellent condition for much less cost!


Honda Civic

Honda has been one of the shining lights in the electric car world and the self-charging hybrid Civic certainly helps showcase why.

Equipped with a 2.0lt 4 cylinder petrol engine you’d expect plenty of noise but this car smoothly carries you from place to place without any disruption. Able to move from a crawl to a motorway suitable speed with just the electric motor, it will seamlessly slip into petrol power without any difficulty.

With excellent efficiency that almost puts it on par with a PHEV, the Civic is an excellent choice for your self-driving hybrid.

Add in the great space that this hatchback provides and the additional tech that comes as standard and it stands to reason why many people choose this as their next hybrid vehicle.

Kia Sportage 1.6 T-Gdi

Kia are proving to be one of the leading marques in Britain at the moment with an array of their models being rapidly snapped up across the country. This, the hybrid Sportage, is a great family vehicle that looks ready to handle anything.

With fantastic fuel economy of up to 50mpg and a luscious interior, the 1.6lt engine Sportage is nothing exceptional but certainly, nothing to steer clear of. A smooth drive, a great interior, good storage, and excellent fuel economy means that this is easily up there as a candidate for the best family car.

Mazda 2 Hybrid

Mazda often sits in the shadows of Toyota when it comes to electric vehicles, Toyota after all, launched the Prius and have ever since stood out as leaders in the field.

And maybe that is why this particular Mazda 2 Hybrid looks set to do well. It is in fact a combined effort of both Japanese car giants. Think Toyota Yaris and you are looking at a Mazda 2 Hybrid. Not only do they stylistically look the same but under the body the Toyota innovation continues with innovative battery technology and excellent fuel economy. 70mpg that can reach 75mpg and a 1.5lt engine allows you to get a lot of bang for your buck.

With a relatively low price point, the Mazda 2 Hybrid makes for an excellent choice for those looking at car finance for students or first-time drivers.

Honda Jazz

Sticking with the smaller car options, the Honda Jazz is another that would be a great car for the newer driver. Small, affordable and perfect for carrying your gear to and from uni, town or a friend’s house, it offers a lot to drivers. With a 1.5lt engine, top speed of 109mph, fantastic handling and a basic but great interior, the car can appeal to many.

Add in just how easy it is to drive too and Honda Jazz is a versatile model that ticks all the boxes for the basics of what you want in a car but adds a few extras in for good measure. Priced at a reasonable £22,000 you can snap one up today quite affordably.

Ford S-Max

If you need to ferry the family around or perhaps are the designated driver for a group then this could be the self-charging hybrid to consider.

Lots of passenger space makes for a comfortable ride and an MPG in excess of 50mpg makes it stand out among other people carriers of the same size and type. There are currently three trim levels available allowing those interested to look at the more budget end of the spectrum or head for a more luxurious vehicle. The thing is, whichever end you go for, the vehicle is certainly not sparsely equipped. Each offering a little more than the last.

Add in the high safety ratings achieved in its Euro NCAP crash test and the excellent safety features and it stands to reason why this is often courted as a great family vehicle.



These are just 5 of the best self-charging hybrids around right now. Should any pique your interest, get in touch! At Euphoria Finance, we love to help people acquire the car of their dreams. With access to over 50,000 vehicles our approach as a car finance direct lender means that anyone can be accepted. In fact, our bespoke quotes mean that bad credit car finance is something we regularly offer. If in the past you have only ever heard no, come to us, you are more likely to hear yes!

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