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Top Tips for Winter Caravanning

Posted on 24th December 2021
Top Tips for Winter Caravanning

Now that the holiday season is here you may think of getting away, whether that be to visit family or just to take a break from the pace of working life and the stresses of home. How you choose to get away might be a little different this year though with the current Omicron variant putting some aspects of life on hold.

Trips in caravans have been increasing in popularity over recent years and as of 2020 there were 555,000 caravans in use in the UK, with 2 million people taking holidays in them. With this heightened interest comes the need for more awareness of how to get the best out of your caravan and enjoy it all year long. Below we will pick out the top tips for winter caravanning.

Take what you need

You would normally associate a caravan with enjoying the outdoors, lighting the BBQ and basking in the sun. A stay in Winter though will change all that so complete a list of the essentials. Extra blankets, warmer clothes, thicker bedding, hot water bottles. Check your caravan for the items already inside it and assess whether they are really needed for a winter trip.

Check your caravan heating system

Many caravans these days are built to BS3632 residential standards which means they should retain heat quite well during colder months. If yours isn’t, it may be worth investing in some moisture traps and if affordable, double glazing or central heating. The heating system within your caravan should undergo an annual service too so that when required, it works as it should.

Plan your arrival time wisely

If staying on a site, allow enough time for your journey. Arriving on-site as the nights draw in may make it harder to set up.


If your caravan has exposed pipework, this is the time of year it is most likely to burst or freeze over. Consider insulating them so this costly problem doesn’t develop before it’s too late. This is also important for any exposed water tanks.

Water awareness

Above we mentioned the need to insulate any exposed water tanks. However, should your insulation not prove sufficient, keep some fresh water within the caravan itself. For wastewater you can add salt to the container or use a glycol-free anti-freeze that will prevent the toilet freezing. Please note it must be glycol-free though as anti-freeze products containing glycol cannot be disposed of into drainage for environmental reasons.

Use the right gas

With temperatures considerably lower during the winter it is very important to check what type of gas you are using. During the colder months, propane is your best option, it’s ideal for year-round use and will not freeze like liquified butane does when it reaches 0°C.

Pack things to keep you occupied

You may have spent the day out walking, exploring, or visiting local attractions but by the evening you might find that time passes a lot slower. Pick a selection of books, games, and films that help you while away the dark nights and keep you entertained.


If visiting a place that you are unfamiliar with, learn the routes and access times to and from the site or area you are staying in and check the weather forecast for both your arrival and departure dates.

Distribute the load evenly

The load you are carrying may put too much extra weight on your caravan or car and could cause you issues that require urgent help from a garage. One way you can check is to see what the MTPLM (Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass) of your caravan is. This, is, in effect, how much your caravan can hold whilst being towed. By referring to your car user manual you can also see what the kerb weight of your car is, if the MTPLM doesn’t exceed 85% of the kerb weight then you are good to go. One thing to note though is that if the recommended towing weight of your car is less than 85% you should stick to this lower amount and treat that as the maximum your caravan can carry.

Drain down

Easily one of, if not, THE most important thing to remember. Your little trip is over, your caravan will be unoccupied until next time, so drain all that residual water. With some cold months remaining you don’t want water freezing in any pipes and causing you an expensive repair next time you plan to hit the road.

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