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Top 5 Motorbikes for Experienced Riders

Posted on 17th May 2023
Top 5 Motorbikes for Experienced Riders

A while ago we focused on motorbikes for first-time riders, the smaller machines that the more inexperienced bikers need to ride before they can get on something much louder, faster and bigger. Our best motorbikes for first time riders covered some incredible machines from Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki among many others, so today, we thought it best to showcase what you could be riding should you be ready to go harder, faster and bigger!

This is our selection of the top 5 bikes for the more experienced rider.

When can I ride an unrestricted motorbike?

The bigger, more powerful bikes only become accessible when you have obtained a category A license. Current laws state that you must be 24 years of age before being able to do this unless you have followed what is known as the progressive route. With the progressive route, you would start riding on the lower-category motorbikes at 16 and progressively move up through the categories as you build experience. This means that subject to you having the relevant years of riding experience behind you, you could be holding a category A license by the age of 21 rather than 24.

What motorbikes are category A?

The Category A license means that you can ride any type of motorbike and carry a passenger as well as ride on motorways. With this category being unrestricted, you can ride a bike of any cc and unlimited power. When taking a test for this license, the bike must be over 595cc and produce at least 54bhp.

What are the best motorbikes for experienced riders?

Our selection of five motorbikes combines speed, excitement, practicality, ride experience and more as we look to find the best 5 motorbikes. Of course, don’t just take our word for it, there are a host of amazing motorbikes out there and should it not be on our list, reach out to us! We could still help you secure motorbike finance so that you can be riding away tomorrow!

Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX

Kawasaki featured on our beginner’s list largely due to the quality of the bikes and with this addition to this list, it is no different.

With a strong 988cc, this ride packs a punch, but it does feel vastly different to the built-for-speed H2. The SX, however, provides riders with a comfortable ride, and with adjustable suspension as well as some top-line tech, it provides you with reliability, impact and most of all a safe, enjoyable ride.

KTM Super Duke GT 1290

We have spoken about KTM in the past and people do seem to like them. This particular model gives riders an affordable option for a bigger bike and at the same time complements this respectable price point with a fun and nimble riding experience. A 2-cylinder 4-stroke engine underneath provides the power.

Suzuki GSX-S1000GT

With huge acceleration, this 999cc bike provides riders with a fantastic bike for the rider who wants to cruise out of town and just relax with a great ride for the day. Stunning to look at, ample storage space for any gear and great handling, make this bike a favourite among category A license holders.

Triumph Tiger 1200 GT

When we first thought about compiling this list, Triumph was spoken about a lot. It is an iconic brand and is associated with power and ruggedness. That is perhaps why we just had to include this motorbike.

It looks a little like something you would see in a film where a chase through busy backroads takes place or a scene where off-roading is the only way the hero can get to the bad guys. Basically, we are saying it’s built for anything! With a powerful 1200cc and built with performance-based components, this lightweight but sturdy bike gives you a great chance to be your own movie star on the road! As long as you don’t break any laws!

Ducati Streetfighter 1098

Ducati will always be a favourite and for many older riders that may stem from the iconic Carl Fogarty. This version from the world-renowned brand packs a 1098CC engine with 155hp and an 85lb-ft torque. Excellent for high speed but a little tricky at slow speed, it is certainly a bike for the more experienced rider. It’s a little old now and a new model will not be found but a quality used edition will provide owners with a great ride.


These are our 5 bikes for experienced riders, and we are sure there could easily be another 20 or 30 we could add to this list, but we have endeavoured to cover a bit of what each rider may like. A little nostalgia perhaps with the Triumph, a little Italian passion with the Ducati and a little reliability with the Kawasaki.

Whatever your preference on motorbikes, speak to our team at Euphoria Finance, our bespoke quotes mean that we can say yes to more people than many other lenders.  Offering motorbike finance bad credit options as well as opportunities for those in search of first car finance we make it possible for those that have not been accepted by others to easily be approved by us. Find out more today and ride away tomorrow!

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