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The Cars to Look Out For in 2023

Posted on 5th December 2022
The Cars to Look Out For in 2023

The car market is set to be flooded with plenty of new options in 2023, and those looking to secure new car finance are likely to be spoilt for choice.

We’ve taken a look at some of the best options that drivers will be able to take advantage of next year.

The best cars for 2023

Whether it’s a hatchback or a coupe, an SUV or a saloon, 2023 promises to deliver a mixture of fantastic cars in electric, hybrid, and combustion engine versions.

Many famous marques are looking to the electric market, especially with the fact that from 2030, every new car sold in the UK will need to be electric. That being said, there are still some incredible petrol vehicles heading to the market that will stir up interest among those who prefer that type of car.

We’ve selected 5 cars, all benefiting different wants and needs. Should any take your fancy, just remember our team at Euphoria Finance could help. Cheap car loans are what we do best so you could be driving one of 2023’s top vehicles sooner than you think.

Aston Martin DBX Coupe

We’ve started with something a little pricier, but in all honesty, we feel it’s worth it. Coming in at an estimated £180,000, this late 2023 release from Aston Martin will be perfect for getting the family around. With the front end matching the SUV but a lower roof helping create a sleeker look, the DBX Coupe could prove stiff competition for the Porsche Cayenne. Likely to use a plug-in hybrid engine in some editions or a 679 BHP V8 in others, there is every chance this vehicle could hit 200 mph when pushed.

Fiat Panda

This is another one to be released towards the back end of 2023 but worth the wait, especially if first car finance is something you might be considering. At an affordable £20,000-£23,000, this fully electric city car bucks the trend of them slowly becoming non-existent. Affordable to purchase, economical to run and not too bad to look at, the Panda could be ideal to get you around the city or to and from university. There are also plans to release an SUV version, so should something a little bigger be of interest, keep an eye out.

Mini Countryman

Expected to be priced under £30,000, the next generation of Mini Countryman will embrace the FAAR platform made famous by BMW. This means it will be able to house a variety of different powertrains. With robust-looking bodywork and 2- or 4-wheel drive options, the Countryman could be everyone’s budget off-roader. With some great tech across a variety of editions, this vehicle could help you rock premium on a budget.

Audi A6 E-Tron

Electric vehicles are the future, and Audi is making sure they are part of the adventure. With a 430-mile capacity from the electric engine and options to drive a rear-wheel and 4-wheel drive edition, this is just one of the 20 new all-electric vehicles to be rolling out from the Audi design studios.

With a design inspired by the classic coupe and able to do 0-62 mph in less than three seconds, this Audi is sure to turn heads.

Peugeot 408

We have seen a few reports on this car and everyone seems to open with the same line. Is it a saloon, a hatchback or an SUV?

All we can say is that this is a fantastic family car. A sleek appearance gives it a sporty feel, yet its size makes you well aware that the whole family can enjoy the ride. With the first edition set to cost approximately £40,000, you can wait until later in the year for other versions which will dent the wallet a little less. Utilising high-end tech inside and stunning bodywork on the outside, this could be the car you need to complete every type of journey in 2023.

No matter the vehicle type, the team at Euphoria Finance are on hand to help. With access to over 50,000 cars, it has never been easier to secure your dream vehicle. Whether it’s a brand-new edition or used car finance deals that you are after, contact us. We can provide a free quick car finance quote so you can discover for yourself just how affordable your next car can be. Should you have credit concerns, do not worry. Operating as a direct lender, we don’t judge and always assess each application individually, meaning more opportunity for us to say yes. Bad credit car loans are something we have become known for. Find out more today and drive your next car tomorrow.

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