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The Best Small Cars With Big Boots

Posted on 3rd February 2022
The Best Small Cars With Big Boots

The increase in city cars and the costs of running bigger cars have seen the market for smaller vehicles grow rapidly over the past few years. Great for those buying their first car, perfect those looking for something new. The variety of cars to choose from within this sector is almost endless. In this blog we take a look at the best new and used cars you can purchase on finance with Euphoria.

Nissan Note

We love a Nissan at Euphoria car finance, they have been one of our most popular used cars brands in recent years. The Note certainly lives up to the brand reputation. It is no longer manufactured after being discontinued in 2017 but there are still plenty out there to snap up. This car boasts a 381 litre capacity which sounds impressive enough but when you drop the seats you can fill 1465 litres of space with your belongings!

With prices as low as £4000 this can be the ideal first car and with our car finance for young drivers available, you can get a quote today.


Audi A1

Easily one of the most popular Audi models is the A1, you’ll often see it referred to as a supermini and it is easy to see why. Small, sleak, stylish, it ticks plenty of boxes. With 335 litres of boot capacity to fill and an amazing 1090lt when the seats are down, the Audi A1 means even a house move won’t be all that challenging!

You can expect to pay a little more for an Audi than some of the other cars in our guide but with our Audi finance deals you can be assured great value whether you have poor credit, are a new driver or just fancy a new car to get you around.

Skoda Fabia

This little 5 door may not be as cosmetically appealing as some smaller cars but its huge boot means you can transport the family around and have enough space to store suitcases, and more without worry. A staggering 330 litre capacity means you will have no concerns when it comes to that journey down to the beach when Summer comes. Fully utilize the capacity by folding down the seats and that boot expands to 1150lts.


With used car prices ranging from £5000-£15000 speak to us today about getting a used car finance deal and be on the road in no time.


Kia Picanto

The Kia range has always been a reliable one, smart, stylish cars that don’t break the bank. The Picanto fits the bill perfectly and with us focussing on big boots, this model certainly ticks the boxes. With a 255 litre boot as standard, increasing to 1010lt when the seats are folded. You can complete the big supermarket shop and still have room for a treat or two for yourself.

Priced new from around £9000, this little beauty can be your new car within days. We offer new car finance and with a FREE quote, find out just how affordable your new car can be!




Which one will you pick? 4 great cars with a boot space better than many. Contact us today to get your FREE quote and see how you can get on the road with a new or used car today.

We can offer a used car finance deal or help you with new car finance whether you are a first time driver or someone with bad credit. Get in touch today.

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