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The Best Alternatives to Scrapping Your Old Car

Posted on 31st July 2022
The Best Alternatives to Scrapping Your Old Car

You may look at your old car on the driveway and be thinking that it’s seen better days. If you already have a new vehicle lined up, you might have already secured cheap car finance and be ready to scrap your old car, but hang fire – your old set of wheels could still be of use.

Upcycling car parts

There are so many parts of your old car that you can repurpose into something else. They can create amazing talking points, become incredible decorative pieces or be made into a new piece of furniture. Making the most of tyres, engines, lights and even the chassis could give your home a little more character and possibly see you even increase its value! Who knew your old banger could give you so much more potential? Read on to see how much further you can make your old car go.

Upcycling car tyres

Your tyres could be used for a variety of amazing pieces of furniture. You can fashion chairs by simply stacking two tyres on top of one another, building a small wooden frame to support them and then attaching a third tyre as the backrest.

If you do not have enough tires to create a set of chairs, you could consider table making instead. Using one or two tyres, you can build a frame to raise them off the ground, then cover the top tyre with a circular piece of wood, glass or plastic to make your tabletop.

We spotted one great creation where old tyres were turned into sinks. This may require a little more skill due to the plumbing requirements, but if you can pull it off, this is a great addition.

Another favourite of ours is alloy wheels being used as a magazine holder. Pop the wheel out of the tyre, stand it up and use the wheel to store your spare magazines.

Upcycling car engines

This is an unusual one, but it is possible. If your old car has driven its last drive, and if you are able to remove it safely, you can convert your engine block into a wine holder. Simply clean it up to help create a fresh look, or perhaps the rustic worn effect may do more for you. Either way, depending on the size of the engine block, you could fit 8 wine bottles inside.

Upcycling car lights

The lights from your car provide a few variations on illuminating your home. You can use old car lights as outdoor lighting, maybe even for your garden shed. Depending on your décor preferences, you might even be able to incorporate them as dining table lights, lamps or bedroom lighting. For these jobs, we would recommend getting advice from an electrician, as some types of car lights may not be suitable.

Car parts you can upcycle

Further to the common car parts we have already mentioned, there are other parts of your car that could be used to give your home an extra wow factor.

Car boot

If you have the room, the car boot can take on the role of a fantastic storage unit for offices, home or garages. This would be a much larger project than some of the others mentioned above, but if you are able to divide the car in two, with professional help if needed, you can create a fun, themed workspace or section of your house.

Door handles

Removing door handles or window handles can add a different touch to wardrobes, drawers or garage cabinets. Depending on the finish of the furniture, you can go modern or retro and either will look great.

Car seats

There are lots of opportunity with your car seats. You could use the seats by themselves and remodel into a redesigned sofa, or add other car parts to make it into something really unique.


There are lots of options with upcycling your old car – the more vintage the car, the better. Retro styling is in right now, and if you can make something valuable out of something worth nothing, then you have a great potential for creating a truly unique piece for your home.

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