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The Best 5 Sports Cars to Buy on a Budget

Posted on 15th November 2022
The Best 5 Sports Cars to Buy on a Budget

You don’t have to have a Ferrari, Bugatti or Lamborghini to drive a high-quality sports car. The motoring trade is full of hidden gems that allow you to get the look, speed and feel of something that would otherwise be out of most price ranges.

We took a look and found 5 that we think could be your next car, and maybe one you could even enjoy a track day with.

All come in under the price points you would associate with the prestigious Italian marques but are sure to turn heads, save you money and give you a great drive.

If you want to make your sports car ambitions come true, speak to us. We specialise in quick car finance. Check out our top 5 and take your pick.

1.      Toyota GR86

A luxurious interior, sleek bodywork and an impressive 2.5 litre engine mean that this latest model, a move on from the big-selling GT86, sold out its UK allocation in just an hour and a half of being available. Your best bet now would be to secure used car finance deals to get your hands on one.

With adjustable rear-wheel drive, 231 BHP and some very sporty tyres, this Toyota gives you the fast car experience without breaking the bank. New models were coming in at a shade under £30,000, so expect to pay less for a used model but not by much. These cars are like a limited-edition piece of art.

2.     Subaru WRX

Do you remember the days of Colin McRae winning in a Subaru? You can replicate those times with the Subaru WRX. The seating makes you feel like you are in a rally car, and the interior fuses high-tech and an off-road vibe with ease. It’s a 2.4 litre engine and 271 BHP, so it’s got plenty of power to get you off the start line. The art is within the mechanical detail of this car. It may not look like a rapid rocket of a car or the sleekest, but what Subaru has put together under the bonnet means you’ll be channelling your inner racer with every turn of the wheel and every shift of the gears. Expect to pay around £25-£30,000 for a new model.

3.     Ford Mustang

As a Mustang, this is an all-time classic. A 5 litre V8 engine means people will know you are coming, and its characteristic body will mean that you turn heads even without the motor running. A 2.3 litre Ecoboost option is also available, should the 5 litre be too draining.

With a built-in launch control, Brembo brakes and a carbon fibre driveshaft, this beast encompasses quality throughout. If shopping for a new one, you may have to import from the US which can result in a much more expensive vehicle. If a used model works for you, expect to pay around £35,000.

4.     BMW 2 series coupe

No matter the model, BMW simply exudes quality and precision. The 2 series coupe is no different. Utilising the luxury that many of the more expensive BMWs showcase as standard, the 2 series coupe allows for class on a budget. A decent-sized boot (390 litres) as well as options in rear-wheel and 4-wheel drive, the 2 series has been built with a variety of drivers in mind. A 2 litre 181 BHP with a 4-cylinder engine is available, or you can enjoy 190 BHP with the diesel version.

5.     Alpine A110

This author is a fan of the Alpine F1 team, but is fully aware he will never be driving their F1 car. This car does not feature on this list because of that fact. It features because it is perhaps one of the best sports car budget options on the market for 2022. In fact, many say it could be the best. With an all-aluminium body, a 1.8 litre turbo-charged engine and fully automatic, the A110 is an all-encompassing sportscar. A decent fuel economy and a 0-60 in 4.5 seconds give it an edge over some rivals, but doesn’t put it up with the high-end marques out there.


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