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The 5 Best SUVs for UK Driving

Posted on 2nd March 2023
The 5 Best SUVs for UK Driving

The SUV market in the UK is huge and with revenue in the SUV market segment expected to hit £17,830.00m in 2023, it is a market many manufacturers want a part of.

Stunning models are being released all the time and a host of premium marques are showcasing their innovation through a collection of amazing SUVs. Many are now working with future planning in mind.

With the ban on sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles coming into place in 2030, efforts are being focused on the hybrid and electric markets.

In 2024 for example, Range Rover release their eagerly awaited fully electric series and many more are following suit or have already dipped their toes into the market. Since 2020, the market share of electric SUVs has more than doubled and it will now be rising even faster.

So if you are thinking about an SUV and are considering brand new cars on finance or are on the lookout for used car finance deals then have a look at our 5 SUVs that we think are the best for driving on the UK roads.

What is an SUV?

It may be best to clarify what an SUV is before we dive in. The term SUV refers to a class of vehicle that is typically 4WD and looks quite rugged, as if it could handle plenty of off-road action as well as ferrying the family around. Standing for Sports Utility Vehicle, an SUV was predominantly heard of in America despite many vehicles of the same type being driven elsewhere on the planet. Now the term SUV has been widely adopted, attached to many vehicles that don’t necessarily fit the typical definition of an SUV. It just seems that if the vehicle is big, high off the ground and looks like it could go off-road, then it is called an SUV.

In our selection, we will list 5 that fit into the broader definition of the SUV.

Why choose an SUV?

An SUV is a great vehicle for transporting the family, carrying your pets, and completing the big shop! However, these benefits are complemented by features that some other cars regardless of size are not always able to offer. With many SUVs featuring fantastic onboard tech, able to deliver great fuel efficiency, and providing robust safety features, they can be appealing to a wide range of drivers. Add in the evolving hybrid market that SUVS are becoming part of and the economic benefits as well as the practical ones help justify the popularity SUVS are currently enjoying.

What are the top 5 SUVs in the UK?

In any top 5 list, it can always be about personal tastes, but we think we have chosen 5 SUVs that cover the wants and needs of most drivers. If you can think of an SUV we have missed, let us know!

1.       The Nissan X-Trail

Hitting the market in 2023 is the latest version of the popular Nissan X-Trail.  Built with a fuel-efficient petrol engine and a lithium-ion battery that work together to power an electric motor, the X-Trail is unique. With an all-wheel drive system that adapts to changing conditions, you can feel confident no matter what terrain you come across. Available in 5 or 7-seaters, and with Apple Carplay or Android Auto just one part of the amazing tech, the X-Trail has much to offer. Add in the innovative luggage boards and storage becomes flexible as well as huge!

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2.      Audi Q5 Estate

If you are looking for practicality and style, then the Audi Q5 Estate could be the SUV for you. A 550Lt boot can be expanded to 1550Lt with rear seats folded down making trips to Ikea easy to handle! The Q5 also received the 5-start Euro NCAP certification thanks to its onboard safety systems. With mild-hybrid variants available, as well as the Sportback edition that gives you more in looks than in performance you can pick an option to suit you. Packed full of extras, this quiet yet impactful SUV is seen as a perfect family SUV by many.

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3.      Ford Puma

Perhaps a surprising entry but the nationwide sales figures for this model show that it is fully justified. Overtaking many other vehicles in sales lists thanks to its economical engines, neat appearance and affordability, the Ford Puma has an appeal for many drivers. The 1.0Lt mild-hybrid has one of the best petrol engines in any SUV with 50mpg recorded. A variety of decent tech is included, and different editions provide drivers with a host of options that can improve the driving and onboard experience.

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4.      BMW X5

Championed by Auto Express in both 2020 and 2021 when it won the award for the Large Premium SUV of the Year. After going through a variety of updates, the X5 remains at the high end of SUV quality both in terms of performance and features. With the battery power alone giving you 50 miles of environmentally friendly driving in the xDrive45e edition it also proves to be fantastic in terms of keeping running costs down. When compared to other large SUVs you can see benefits that make this vehicle appealing to those that drive long distances regularly. 27g/km CO2 emissions for one example. With an array of onboard tech too, this SUV is a great tool for those regularly on the road for work.

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5.      Skoda Enyaq iV

An extremely reliable SUV, the Skoda Enyaq iV is the first fully electric Skoda on the market. Practical, perhaps basic but certainly robust the Enyaq iV comes in two versions, each with a different battery size. Both offer excellent mileage with 255 and 330 miles being possible depending on which edition you choose. When compared to the more extravagant brands, the interior and additional features may appear more basic but if you do not need all the bells and whistles you will still find the most necessary features included.  Cheaper than the others on our list, this could be an SUV if you are on a budget but also a fantastic option to keep you from needing a new car in 2030 when all new cars sold will have to be electric.


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