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How to Upcycle Your Old Vehicle

Posted on 27th October 2021
How to Upcycle Your Old Vehicle

You might have a car, van, or motorbike that is no longer road-worthy. But you might still have an attachment to your vehicle, and not want to send it to the scrapheap. Luckily, there’s plenty of things you can do to upcycle your old vehicle, so you can keep hold of it just for a bit longer. The below ideas can be a great DIY project and you can cheaply source the old parts if you don’t have the right ones yourself.

You should start by doing your research for what parts you’ll need for each project and how you can construct them safely. You’ll need to work out how big you want your piece of furniture or accessory to be. If you’re not using your own vehicle, you should shop around to find the right car parts to get the right look that you want. In some instances, you might need the help of tradespeople, like metal workers, to make sure your furniture will be safe and secure.

In the Bedroom

If you have a car-themed bedroom, you can make a headboard out of the car hood. This looks great if you use a hood from a vintage car and can even provide some extra storage. Or you can make a full bed from an old vehicle, like the bed of an old pick-up truck.

If a car bed is too much for your tastes, a more subtle way to get your old car into your bedroom is to use the door handles or window winders as drawer pulls. Again, this looks great if you’re using vintage or chrome parts.

In the Office

If you want some automotive design in your home office, you can use the front bumper of an old vehicle and fix a desk to the top of it. You can even use more of the vehicle and include the tyres. Perfect if you work in the automobile industry and want to keep your mind focused on the job!

For smaller accessories, you can use the spring from a car as a paper holder or mail sorter. Or, if motorbikes are more your thing, you can use a headlamp from a motorcycle and transform it into a desk lamp.

In the Garden

If you want to keep your vehicle accessories outside, there’s still plenty you can do in the garden. You can use old tyres as planters – painting them vibrant colours first can really brighten up your garden. Or you can use the whole vehicle as a planter, which works great with a VW camper van or VW Bug for some real flower power.

If real flowers are too much maintenance, you could make a hub cup flower garden by painting hub caps and fixing them onto sticks. Or you could use an old hub cap as a reel for your hose.

If you want a bigger project, you could make an old vehicle into a child-friendly play area. Or you could use the front section of an old car or truck to install a BBQ grill under the hood.


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