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How to Save Money on Parking

Posted on 24th October 2022
How to Save Money on Parking

Parking expenses can be the bane of a driver’s life – the exorbitant fees, the lack of spaces where you need them, the time spent looking for said space, and the lack of change given by the machine when you do find a spot to park in.

Just a few years back, a study was conducted that found drivers in the UK were spending an average of 44 hours per year looking for a parking space and collectively spending £1.2 billion in fines!

No wonder many people are putting off journeys to the shops. With overpayments reportedly at £209 per driver and wasted time and fuel costing an average of £733, we thought it might be time to look at ways you can save on your parking.

Book a parking slot in advance

This is not always possible, as some car parks simply don’t offer the option. Where they do, though, it is worth taking advantage of. Many companies will offer a pre-booking discount. This helps guarantee a reduction in those costs associated with wasted fuel and time.

Look for out-of-town parking spots

It stands to reason that the busier the area, the more expensive things tend to be. This applies to parking just as much as any other facility. Look for parking options that are outside of the city and offer park and ride services. The combined cost of the parking space and the park and ride may still be cheaper than a city centre parking spot.

Use smartphone parking apps

Many parking meters suggest downloading an app that allows you to pay for your parking. This saves time, allows you to keep that change the machines like to steal and will keep you away from excessive parking fines. The app sends notifications when your time is due to be up meaning you can extend if need be, or simply collect your car.

In addition, if the hunt for a space hasn’t got you near a meter, or car park, check out Parkopedia. It lists approximately 70 million parking spaces across the globe and will advise you of costs, opening hours and locations.

Use the right change at a parking meter

We touched upon how much is spent per year by people overpaying. Consider reducing that by using the correct change. It sounds simple, but if you regularly park in a pay and display car park, you will be surprised by how much you could end up saving.

Hire a driveway or parking space

Some people either have no use for their driveway or have additional space on it. For them, letting it out is pretty much free money. For you, it’s significantly cheaper than the daily fees you may be paying otherwise. Where there are no driveways, many properties come with allocated parking that is not being utilised. Investigate the potential of using one of these the same way you would a driveway. A website called www.yourparkingspace.co.uk will help.

Could you buy a parking season ticket?

If parking is something you are having to do regularly and at your expense, consider a season ticket for a car park. The initial expense may make you jump back a little but if you work out how much your daily cost is compared to the season ticket fee, you could be significantly better off.

Is there any free parking?

Some areas have lots of free parking on offer – you just have to find it. If you are travelling into a town or village, this is perhaps easier to find, but that’s not to say you won’t find any in a city. They are more likely to be found in residential areas than in town centres, so you could find that you have to walk to your destination from your parking spot.

Many free spots will have a sign to show free parking is allowed but may be subject to time and date restrictions, so check those before parking up. A huge fine wouldn’t be welcome!


Hopefully, our selection of tips helps you save some cash, cash you might be aiming to put towards a new car. If so, speak to us. Our team of motoring experts at Euphoria Finance are specialists in securing you cheap car finance, no matter if it’s a new or used car you are after. Over the years, we have helped a variety of people find the car of their dreams: first-time drivers, those looking for poor credit car finance and experienced drivers that just fancied a new set of wheels. Get a free quote today to see how easy it is. You could be in your new car tomorrow.


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