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How to Safely Drive Your Motorhome in Icy Conditions

Posted on 10th November 2021
How to Safely Drive Your Motorhome in Icy Conditions

While the best way to stay safe in icy conditions is to not drive at all, there may be some situations where it is unavoidable. Driving in snow and ice can be difficult enough when driving a car and driving a motorhome can bring even more potential hazards.

However, you don’t need to let the winter weather put a stop to your motorhome trip. With the right preparation and care, you can safely drive your motorhome in icy conditions.

Before Your Journey

Check the Tyres

You’ll need your motorhome’s tyres to be in good condition before you start your journey. They should have an adequate tread and also be properly inflated.

You might even want to swap out your usual tyres for winter tyres, if you know you’ll be driving in particularly snowy or icy conditions. Or you could install tyre chains – whilst these might not be needed if you’re staying in the UK, if you’re travelling abroad to colder climates then they could be beneficial.

Check the Battery

You should check the battery in the motorhome and any auxiliary batteries. Cold weather can decrease the performance of batteries, and all batteries can degrade over time and hold less charge. You can check the power capacity of your batteries yourself or take them to a garage to be serviced. If your battery is quite old, it might be worth replacing it before you set off on a journey in icy conditions. You should also make sure you’re stocked up on propane, so you can use the generator for heat if the battery fails.

Protect the Pipes

Your motorhome’s pipes will be susceptible to freezing in very cold weather, which would not only be a massive inconvenience on your trip but could also be expensive to repair. Some motorhomes might have heated water duct systems that can prevent this. But if you have an older motorhome, you can wrap the pipes in heat tape to protect them from the cold. Or you can get special motorhome-specific antifreeze. If you’re unsure how to best protect your motorhome, speak to your local motorhome specialist to see what they advise for your model.

Stock Up on Supplies

As well as propane, you should make sure your motorhome is stocked up for all the supplies you might need for your journey, allowing for anything extra that might be required if you have to stop for a while and let the weather pass. You should ensure you have plenty of food and water, as well as fuel.

Driving in Icy Conditions

Slow Down and Keep Your Distance

You know that driving your motorhome is different from driving a car, and the same goes for driving in icy conditions. Most motorhomes are rear-wheel drive, which makes them trickier to handle in the snow and ice. This means that the manoeuvers you might make to correct your course driving a car in the snow won’t work in your motorhome.

You’ll have much less control when driving a motorhome, so you should drive slowly, not brake too heavily, and don’t turn too quickly. You should also make sure to leave plenty of extra distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you.

Use Low Beams

If you’re driving in snow, you should use your low beams. Using your brighter beams will just reflect the light into your eyes from the snow. This will hinder your vision and driving like this for too long will make you more tired. If it’s possible, you should avoid driving at nighttime in the snow, as the darkness will just add another hazard to your journey.

Change Your Plans if Needed

If you feel uncomfortable or feel it isn’t safe enough to drive, then you should find an appropriate place to park up and wait for the weather to clear. You should try to have a back-up plan in case you need to change your plans and you should never drive if you think it’s too dangerous to do so. Postponing or changing your plans can be a pain but it’s much better to do this and make sure you and your passengers stay safe.


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