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How to Decorate Your Motorhome

Posted on 21st November 2022
How to Decorate Your Motorhome

Your motorhome is a home away from home, so it is only right that you get to give it some character. At Euphoria, the number of motorhome finance customers that have shared their plans for how they plan to change their home on wheels is incredible. Some of the projects we hear about are simply amazing.

So, if you are a motorhome owner and looking to give your portable property a little refurb, read on.

Consider your motorhome décor

Before jumping into lavishing your motorhome with the latest tech or expensive accessories, it would be worth considering what type of aesthetic you are aiming for. You might have a theme in mind that you want to build things around. You may have a colour scheme that provides the ambience you want your motorhome to create.

Maybe it is a blank canvas, and you are just waiting for some inspiration to hit you. Quite often, with motorhome travel being spontaneous or curated to exactly where you want to go, inspiration can be sought from the places you have visited. Consider this when deciding on the type of décor you would love to see in your motorhome.

Once you have settled on the theme you would like in your motorhome, you can begin.

Decorating your motorhome walls

If you are looking for a complete overhaul of the interior, the walls are the best place to start. You have a few options here and depending on budget and time, one could prove better than the other.

Painting the walls is always an option, but it tends to take up a lot of time. Luckily, some quick wins can help create subtle or vibrant effects with ease.

Peel and stick wallpaper

If you use peel-and-stick wallpaper in your motorhome, you can very quickly transform a bland wall into something with a lot more character. In addition, they can also be removed in many cases without causing any lasting markings or damage.

Focus on the art

Some interior walls of a motorhome are not that bad. The colour may not be the most appealing, but once you showcase some artwork, the colour of the wall will just be absorbed by the pictures you have either bought or created yourself.

Consider multipurpose walls

Storage can sometimes be something that requires a little skill in a motorhome. You could utilise wall space to function as storage and some visual delights. Funky shelves, signs with hooks or some hanging organisers can all clear the clutter but give your walls some character.

Lights for motorhomes

Making the interior of your motorhome feel bright and warm is not to be forgotten. It’s how you decide to light it that makes the difference. Do you stick with what is already installed, or go for something new?

Most lights in a motorhome will be a uniform standard of light, but if you want to add a touch of your own to the way your motorhome is illuminated, consider decorative lighting. This can be relatively easy to install and creates an effect that looks like you have given the whole motorhome a refurb. Fairy lights above the bed are always a nice touch to make a motorhome feel cosier. Any type of accent light can help improve the mood and effect of your motorhome, too.

Consider motorhome window replacement

You may not have considered how important this part of your motorhome is, and perhaps we have been a little vague. We don’t suggest you take out the glass and change the structure of the window. Instead, look at the aesthetic the window creates. Do you have blinds, curtains or nothing at all?

Most motorhomes come with some form of window décor, but it tends to be very plain and once you have started creating your interior design plan, it certainly won’t match. Consider curtains to give a more homely feel. If curtains are not to your taste, you can frame your windows with wood. This helps create a more residential and farmhouse look. You can then utilise blinds or a valance from here.

Decorating your motorhome kitchen

The kitchen in your motorhome will be a hub of activity at times, and everyone likes to feel comfortable in their surroundings. Let’s make sure your kitchen makes you feel right at home.

By using the technique we mentioned earlier, stick and peel, you can create a backsplash behind the sink and cooker to give the kitchen its own unique identity.

The following part may not seem huge, but the difference it makes will be. Change the handles of drawers and cupboards to something more in tune with the look you are aiming for. All of a sudden, you have a transformed kitchen!

Decorating the living and sleeping areas of your motorhome



Rugs, throws and bedding can all create new décor for your motorhome. If keeping to a theme, see what you can find that carries this through all parts of your motorhome.

For your bedroom area, start with the bedding. Once you have settled on a colour scheme, work from there to decide how best to utilise wall décor or window finishings.

In the living quarters, your throws and rugs will cover any damage but also make sure the area stands out. These will not need changing as frequently as bedding, so work from the walls first to have the colours and designs complement each other.

Once you have the rooms made to the style that suits your needs best, you can begin to focus on the outside. This is perhaps the simplest part and could just encompass:

  • Welcome mat
  • Lighting
  • Simple furniture

After this, there isn’t much more you need. You can now enjoy your motorhome wherever you are in the world.


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