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How to Change Windscreen Wipers

Posted on 5th December 2023
How to Change Windscreen Wipers

As we write this during a cold, damp November, we know our windscreen wipers are gearing up for a lot more work over the coming months. The UK weather is famously grey and wet at the best of times, but as we now head through winter, we can add in the ice, possible snow and frosts, too.

This means our cars work a little harder to give us what we need, and one part working more than most will be the windscreen wipers. These small yet vital parts ensure your vision is improved, and help to keep you, your passengers and other road users safe in these not-so-favourable weather conditions.

In this edition of our blog, we look at how you can change your windscreen wipers so that all year round, you have a little more peace of mind that you are not going to have your vision compromised.

How do I know when to change windscreen wipers?

Your windscreen wipers go through a lot and, as a result, will gradually wear down. Being forced to handle everything the elements throw at them, the rubber blades that help cut through water and dirt on your windscreen start to falter. Over time, they stick to the windows a little more often, leaving streaks on the screen as the once seamless glide across the glass now turns into more of a stutter.

You may not think much of it, but over time, this not only poses a safety hazard but can also lead to an MOT failure.

If you have started to notice that your wiper blades are sticking to the glass, or leaving streaks on the windscreen, give them an inspection. Look for chips, tears and significant wear. If you see any of these faults, it’s time to replace them.

How much will it cost to get new windscreen wiper blades?

Luckily, these aren’t one of those car parts that will set you back significantly or require any help from a specialist (unless trying to attach them poses a significant challenge, of course).

You can pick up a pair of blades, one for each wiper, for under £10 to well over £20. Much depends on the brand you opt for and the car you have – shop around and you’ll find a vast array. Some single blades even come in at less than £5, but we would advise you to check their suitability before making a purchase.

How do you change windscreen wipers?

If you have checked that they need replacing and purchased a new set, it’s time to them changed. Luckily, this is a fairly simple task and won’t take up much of your time. Let’s complete the process step by step.

Clean your windscreen

This would be an ideal first step. Clear dirt, stains and any debris away using a good quality glass cleaner. Be careful to gently lift each blade as you clean any areas covered by them too. Once cleaned, dry the windscreen, ensuring that any remaining dirt or debris is collected along the way. Use a towel preferably, as this will come in handy shortly.

Lift the wipers

The wipers need to be raised to allow you to remove the old ones and insert or attach the new ones. Before this step, use the towel previously mentioned, and lay it across the glass. This will help if the wipers aren’t fully set in place and smash into the windscreen. The force can be enough to damage the glass, so this acts as a layer of protection. With the towel down, lift the wipers and keep them raised.

Remove the old blades

With the windscreen wiper arm raised, you’ll be able to access the old blades safely for removal. In many cases, this means turning the blades 90 degrees, but this can vary from vehicle to vehicle. Your handbook (or a quick Google search) will advise how to do this specifically for your vehicle. Some blades slide out; others are held in place by a clip. It should be noticeable which type your vehicle has, but if not, the handbook should clear this up.

Once found, you should easily be able to slide them out or unclip them.

Attach the new wiper blades

Using the reverse of the way you took the old ones off, you can put the new ones on.

Do this with caution, as trying to force them into the housing could cause it to break. When you apply them, be aware of the different sizes for the passenger and driver side. While this isn’t the case on all cars, many do have different sizes per side, so it’s worth checking first. With both blades now in place, carefully check they are securely fitted.

Push your wiper blades into their original position

With new blades attached, you are more or less ready to go. Remove the towel you were using as a layer of protection and lower the blades back onto the windscreen. With them in place, they will now need a quick test to see how they move. Do they leave any streaks, or make a lot of noise as they move? If not, you are all set. If they do, you may need to start the process again as they may not quite be fitted correctly.


Changing windscreen wiper blades is an easy process that won’t take you long at all. Not only will it help keep your car looking good, but it’ll help you pass your MOT and keep you safe on the road. You’ll be pleased to know that all used cars on finance sold through Euphoria are put through extensive checks before they are sold so they are fully road-worthy and compliant. Why not browse our extensive collection of used cars for sale to see if your dream vehicle is a click away? Our way of lending differs from many others. We work as a direct lender, meaning every application is carefully assessed based on individual circumstances. This means car finance for young drivers as well as car finance for a poor credit score can be made available when otherwise it may not have been. Get your quick car finance quote today.

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