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How Often Should You Service a Motorhome?

Posted on 13th April 2022
How Often Should You Service a Motorhome?

Over the past few months, we have been showing you the various services for your car and motorbike. With motorhome sales now increasing, we thought it best to cover them, too!

Covid-19 restrictions helped the trade in motorhomes break records. The latest figures show that the value of new motorhome sales has topped £1.15bn in the UK!

Whether you are one of the many new owners or are considering motorhome finance, check out our handy guide to servicing your motorhome.

How frequently should you service your motorhome?

Unlike with cars, there are two different types of service you can have carried out on your motorhome – a mechanical service and a habitation service. It is recommended that the mechanical service is carried out every two years or every 30,000 miles, whichever comes sooner. This type of service is like your typical car or motorbike service.

The habitation service is more of a functionality check for your motorhome. It makes sure all the parts that make it a living space actually work properly. These can be carried out annually, and are recommended to keep the vehicle’s warranty in place. They are, however, not a legal requirement.

How much is a motorhome service?

The costs per service vary quite significantly and are be determined by the type and size of your motorhome.

A standard mechanical service could be as low as £150, but can be much higher. The habitation service can cost much more due to the high number of checks involved. You can expect to pay £300 for a habitation service and, in some cases, much more. Also, before booking, we recommend enquiring if it will include a gas safety check.

What is included in a motorhome service?

It is easier to break these down into the two different service types to make it clearer what you get for your money. As a mechanical service is the one that helps make your motorhome roadworthy, let’s start with that!

Mechanical motorhome service

The following checks are included in a motorhome service. However, it is recommended that you enquire at the service centre what is included, as this can vary per location. Common checks include, but are not limited to:

  • Tyre checks
  • Battery checks and recharge
  • Brake pad and disc checks
  • Check and top up of fluid levels
  • Exhaust emissions check
  • Windscreen and windscreen wiper checks
  • Check of all belts
  • Visual check of bodywork
  • Engine control system check

As mentioned above, there can be several more checks carried out and these can vary. You may even find that some places offer both interim and full checks. The interim service tends to be cheaper and includes fewer checks. This would normally be carried out annually or when you have driven around 10,000 miles.

Habitation motorhome service

A habitation service, whilst not a legal requirement, is recommended. You have spent lots of money on a place to enjoy time away with family or friends. The last thing you want is for it to fail you whilst trying to enjoy a trip away.

Typical checks included in a habitation service are:

  • Check of gas hose and pipes
  • Check of the hob and fire ignition
  • Smoke alarm test
  • Charging system and sockets test
  • Extinguisher validity
  • Water system tests and checks
  • Appliance testing
  • Checks of all bodywork

Similar to the mechanical test, this list is not exhaustive and the above includes just some of what will be carried out. When booking a habitation service, we would recommended asking what is included, or request a copy of the check sheet. Ensure that a check for damp is included, as this can be fatal to the interior of your motorhome.

Where can I get a motorhome service check?

You can go to any garage that offers a mechanical service. However, it is advisable to find one that specialises in vehicles from your motorhome manufacturer. When it comes to the habitation service, you will need a mechanic authorised to carry out such checks. In addition, you will need a gas safety engineer to carry out the relevant gas checks. It can also be beneficial to find an approved workshop, which will be regulated by the NCC.

Does the cost of my motorhome service include repairs?

Unfortunately not. The fee you pay for either service is for the motorhome to be inspected and tested. If the mechanics find fault, you will be charged for any parts that may be needed.

How long will my motorhome service take?

The two types of service can vary considerably in duration, but we would say allow three hours on a habitation check and three to four hours on a mechanical service.

Hopefully, this has answered some questions regarding your current motorhome. If you are currently looking into purchasing one, contact us today. We can give you a free quote so that motorhome finance becomes so much easier. We assess every application on a case-by-case basis, too, so whether you are a first time driver or concerned about your credit score, you don’t need to worry. We specialise in motorhome finance for bad credit as well as helping secure finance for new drivers. Speak to our experts today.


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