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How Much do Replacement Car Keys Cost?

Posted on 9th March 2023
How Much do Replacement Car Keys Cost?

Misplacing or breaking your car keys must rank up there as one of the most frustrating things you can do. No matter the amount of effort you put into finding them, they just don’t seem to appear. No matter how much you keep trying to use them, they fail, so instead, you look at replacing them. Prepare to be shocked though as replacement car keys could cost you anything from £100 up to £10,000!

Ultimately it all depends on the vehicle you own. Older cars that don’t require such technologically advanced keys will have replacements available at much less cost than those for vehicles that are at the more premium end of the market.

What is the average cost of replacing a car key?

Depending on the vehicle you own, there could be a variety of options for replacement keys available to you so it would always be wise to shop around. Current figures indicate that the average price for a replacement car key in the UK is around £250.

The older style manual car key should set you back around £160 with a typical remote car key costing just over £300. However, different models will have varying price points. A Nissan Qashqai remote key for example can cost close to £80 more than a remote key for a Honda Civic.

As we say, much depends on the key type needed, where you get the key from and what features the key may require to be added to it.

How do I know what car key type I have?

This may sound a bit of an odd question but with there being several types of car keys available, it may pay to know what yours is so you are aware of the costs that may come your way when you need that new key.

Manual key- The simple metal key that fits into your lock is the traditional old-style key that is gradually disappearing from the car market.

Remote keys- The ever-popular key that allows you to unlock your key from distance. Activated by buttons, they are easy to use but can be prone to faults.

Flip key-Same as the traditional manual key but housed within a shell that helps you minimize the risk of scratching items in a pocket or bag. A push of a button releases the key and, in some cases, doubles up as a remote key too.

Transponder chip key-Adding an element of security, these keys work by having the car recognize the key through a code. Once the car accepts the code as correct, it allows access to the vehicle.

Keyless access– keyless access to a vehicle is perhaps the most sophisticated method of access to your vehicle and works when a radio wave is sent to the car, once the car recognizes the signal, it unlocks the doors. Despite their smart technology, it is these keys that have opened to door to auto cybercrime.

What will affect the cost of replacing my car key?

We have mentioned above that the type of key you may need could play a large part in how much you need to pay for your replacement car keys but there are some other things to be aware of too.

Consider each of these when looking at securing a replacement car key:

  • The make and model of your car
  • The type of key required
  • What extra features may be needed
  • Who you choose to supply your replacement
  • Whether you require the service outside of typical trading hours

Who can replace my car key?

If you require a replacement car key, there are a few options open to you and some can vary massively in the prices they charge. Typically heading to a brand dealer or local garage can be the most expensive option so it would be worth enquiring before booking anything. In some cases, they may not even be able to offer assistance, especially if they do not have the correct facilities on-site or only cover a limited range of models.

Auto locksmiths are a good option. With their focus being centered on getting you into your car, it is more than likely they have the correct equipment and skills to help you. With quick service available and good rates, this can be a cost-effective way to get your replacement car keys sorted.

Roadside assistance is an additional option worth considering. Some plans will cover replacement keys and, in some cases, they may be able to bring a new key to you relatively fast.

Does car insurance cover replacement car keys?

In some instances, your car insurance policy may cover lost, stolen, or damaged car keys. This can be extremely useful, but it is worth checking your policy before assuming that this is the best option for you. As this is a claim on your insurance policy, there is a chance that your no claims will be affected so this should also be taken into consideration.

Just be aware that many policies do not offer key cover.

How long does it take to replace my car keys?

Depending on what is required can alter the amount of time spent on getting your replacement car keys made. Some key types require no more than half an hour of a professional’s time to have the key cut or programmed. Where there may be more tech required to have the key carry out all of its features, you could be looking at a longer wait. In general, an hour, perhaps a little more is all it should take.

This would be the ideal time to consider a spare set so that should the situation arise again, at least you are still able to access your vehicle.


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