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Christmas Gifts for Car Enthusiasts

Posted on 10th October 2022
Christmas Gifts for Car Enthusiasts

Chances are, you are starting to look at ideas for Christmas gifts. If any of your friends or family have a special place in their hearts for 4-wheeled vehicles, then look no further for the ultimate gift guide. Our team of Santa’s little helpers have browsed the web, hunted the high street and scoured the stores to find the best gifting ideas for car enthusiasts this Christmas.

1.      Lego Technic McLaren Senna GTR

They may not be able to afford the sports car of their dreams in real life, but with this incredible model from the Lego Technic range, the recipient of this gift can live the dream on a smaller scale. Complete with moving pistons, dihedral doors and a phenomenal level of detail, this Lego Technic replica of the iconic McLaren Senna is something special and is sure to be loved by all car fans.

Order one at: https://www.amazon.co.uk/LEGO-42123-Technic-Collectible-Construction/dp/B08G4293BD

2.     Personalised cream speedometer cufflinks

With a touch of class and a hint of vintage, these cufflinks allow the motoring gentleman of the family the opportunity to show off their love of cars whilst at work or out and about.

They can be personalised with a poignant date on the mileage gauges and are presented in either a plain or customised box. Each set is individually created and can be delivered within a week.

Snap up a pair here: https://www.notonthehighstreet.com/meandmycar/product/personalised-cream-speedometer-cufflinks

3.     Tire stack mug

Whether it’s a mechanic, a racer or just someone who loves cars, this mug helps showcase their passion: a stack of four tyres made into a mug. With a capacity of 400 ml, the owner can pit for their refuelling stop when necessary and top up for a second stint when they are ready. Perfect for hot or cold drinks, we could see this mug sitting on the coffee table during a Grand Prix or in the garage when some vital maintenance is being carried out.

Find it here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/NEWBEER-Creative-Coffee-Drinks-Ceramics/dp/B07GTK1KVS

4.     A magazine subscription

The quantity of car magazines on the market now is huge and caters for all types of interests. Do you have a passion for Formula 1, or perhaps you prefer something classic? Or maybe just keeping abreast of the latest motoring news is all you need.

Browse some magazine subscription sites and you can find a great variety of titles, many offering fantastic introductory offers. Some even include brilliant car-themed free gifts as an incentive. The benefit of this gift extends beyond Christmas as the recipient will get a new issue every month. Better still, you can let it roll on so if you are low on ideas next year, just keep the subscription open!

Browse a selection at: https://www.magazine.co.uk/motoring-and-transport-magazines/cars

5.     Track days

Many car fans share one common love within the various parts of motoring, and that is speed. People love to go fast; they love to challenge themselves and they love excitement. How often do you get to fly around a racetrack in a Ferrari, a Porsche or a McLaren?

With a track day, the recipient can get behind the wheel with an experienced instructor guiding them on how to push the pedal to the metal and reach great speeds around a racetrack. Options vary and you can pick a fantastic array of vehicle types to try and channel your inner Max Verstappen.

Check out the options here: https://www.trackdays.co.uk/

6.     ThisWorx car vacuum cleaner

If the person you are buying for loves cars, chances are they want to keep it looking good, smelling good and pretty much looking brand new. This handheld vacuum will help them get unwanted dog hairs, crumbs and general rubbish away from their prized possession. Complete with a host of accessories to make sure that no corner is missed, and no crevice remains excavated, this vacuum is lightweight but powerful.

Pick one up at: https://www.amazon.co.uk/High-Power-Portable-Car-Vacuum-Cleaner/dp/B06ZY896ZM

7.     Power Maxed valet cleaning set

Continuing with the theme of keeping the vehicle clean and tidy, this handy gift set gives drivers the complete array of chemicals and cloths to ensure their vehicle smells great and looks good. Including a wheel spray, traffic film remover, ultra-finishing polish, shampoo and wax, as well as cloths and polish applicators, this set contains everything they need!

These are available now at: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Power-Maxed-Car-Valeting-Pack/dp/B08156CRMY


These are the 7 ultimate Christmas gifts for motoring enthusiasts in our opinion. There are hundreds of more fantastic items out there, though, so now is the time to shop!

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