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Can I Buy a Car Online Safely?

Posted on 23rd March 2021
Can I Buy a Car Online Safely?

You can buy anything online. Everything you could possibly want is a simple click away. Not only is this convenient for many with busy lives, but it has also enabled many companies to continue trading during the pandemic.

Many companies, including the team here at Euphoria Finance, have developed new ways of operating that will continue on into the future, even when lockdown has lifted. We recognised the need for a hassle-free car buying service that operates on a click and collect basis.

Previously, people would visit their local car dealerships and test drive vehicles before purchasing. Now, you can secure car finance deals online and purchase a vehicle even if the company is at the opposite end of the country. We know this can be daunting. After all, cars are a huge expenditure. Below, we take a look at some of the things you need to look out for when buying a car online.

Research the company

If you’re going to buy a car online make sure you purchase from an established seller. However, there’s no reason why buying a car privately should be avoided either. Speak to the seller of a vehicle you’re interested in and check their website, social media platforms and review. You could also go off recommendations from family and friends who have purchased cars online.

If you’re only sleuthing has gone well, get on the phone to the seller. You will be able to get a feel for their personality over the phone and they should be more than happy to answer any questions you have. If it’s a private car seller, ask to see the V5 of the vehicle and check that it matches up with the seller’s address.

What happens if I cannot view the vehicle?

Depending on your location it may not be suitable for you to visit the vehicle to view it or test drive. This is particularly prevalent during lockdown where safety is the priority. However, many companies have processes in place to help you feel secure and comfortable when going forward with a purchase. Methods may include:

  • Detailed photographs and vehicle specification
  • Video car tours
  • Zoom meetings and car viewings
  • Paperwork completed electronically

Showrooms and private sellers will do everything in their power to facilitate a seamless car sale using virtual and online processes. Whilst there is no way of conducting a test drive via the telephone check the seller’s terms and conditions. There will typically be rules involved that refer to returning a vehicle within a certain amount of days if it is not suitable etc. Regardless of whether you buy a car online or via visiting a showroom there is always rules and regulations in place by law to ensure you are protected.

Buy a vehicle online with Euphoria Finance

If you want to secure fast car finance and the vehicle of your dreams get in touch with the team at Euphoria Finance today. Whether you’re looking for a new or used carvan, motorbike, motorhome, or caravan – we are able to operate as we always have done. Simply get your quote online today or give us a call on 01282 509 609.

Our click and collect and click and deliver services have enabled our customers to buy a new car from the comfort of their own home. With over 50,000 vehicles to choose from and the option to receive a no obligation quote, it has never been easier to secure car finance.

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