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The 10 Best Cars for Snow in 2023

Posted on 17th October 2023
The 10 Best Cars for Snow in 2023

When winter comes in the UK, you never quite know what to expect. One minute it can be a little grey, the next, a random burst of sunshine, and a minute later, a deluge of snow. This can often leave drivers unsure of how to be best prepared for what they may encounter when the weather changes. It is always best to be prepared for the worst though, right? That way, no matter what is thrown at you, you are prepared.

We picked the 10 best cars for snow that you should be driving this winter.

Best SUVs for snow

Transporting your family safely through the white stuff can be a challenge at times, especially with the potholes our UK roads are famous for. It is not only that though. On school runs, when the roads are busy, the snow quickly turns into a compacted and very slippery obstacle. You want something robust, agile, and able to handle these inconsistent surfaces. We’ve picked three SUVs that could help you traverse the snow and drop the kids off safely at school or get you to a family day out.

Porsche Cayenne

The Porsche Cayenne is a fantastic SUV that not only allows you to finally get behind the wheel of a Porsche – a dream for many! – but offers fantastic handling and agility. Available as a plug-in hybrid, petrol, or diesel edition, this SUV gives plenty of options for drivers assessing the market. A V6 Turbodiesel gives it a decent level of power and the interior offers a stylish, comfortable feel. The Cayenne is also an SUV that knows drivers want safety and provides it in abundance. Perfect for that added reassurance when driving in the snow. Stability control, traction control, airbags for both the front and side and the addition of the Multi-Collision Brake system all mean that you can feel a little safer when you approach the snowy roads.

Prices vary but you can find a Cayenne for as little as £11,000 but newer models can set you back more than £100,000.

Range Rover Evoque

The Range Rover Evoque is one of those vehicles that just oozes the best of British. With four models in the range available, it’s down to you as to how far you want you to “pimp your ride”. Each edition comes with unique features that add to the vehicle’s quality. Whether that be enhanced onboard tech or additional safety features. With trailer stability assist as standard on all editions and features such as emergency braking, collision monitors, and All Terrain Progress Control (ATPC) on selected models, you can find an Evoque that suits your driving needs.

New editions start from just over £40,000.

Lexus NX

The Lexus NX is an affordable SUV option that gives drivers the known Lexus quality and a simple, efficient drive. It looks amazing and is incredibly sturdy, with both 2WD and 4WD options available, variable conditions are easily handled although some say it doesn’t handle the bumps the best. Lots of tech on the inside helps protect you on the outside with blind spot monitoring, collision sensing braking and adaptive cruise control all coming as standard.

With prices from approximately £30,000 for a new model and £10,000 for a used one, a Lexus NX could be a decent option for an SUV.

Skoda Kodiaq

The Skoda Kodiaq comes in at a great price for a vehicle perfect to tackle the snow. Ideal for the family, it offers plenty of space, whether for seating or storage. The pricing is one huge factor of appeal, but it should also be noted that its handling in wintery weather is also noteworthy. There are a host of trims available, each offering one offering a little more than the last. It had a stack of safety features included with plenty of additional options you could factor in if you wish. As standard, airbags, stability control and front assist are all included but useful add-ons include Manoeuvre Assist, Crew Protect Assist, and adaptive cruise control. All extremely useful when the roads get a little slippery or filled with snow.

Best small cars for snow

Sometimes, the SUVs might be a little expensive or just far too big for your family so you decide something a little more compact might suit. These 4 cars tick all the boxes for being great for your family and perfect for the snowy weather.

Audi S1

The Audi S1 is a small car that delivers big. What normally sits in the Audi range as a basic model, the S1 has recently undergone an overhaul that has brought it on in leaps and bounds. An incredibly efficient engine, 4WD and a raft of features make it a great option to get the family from A-2-B during the colder weather.  You can’t pick these up new anymore so a used car finance deal will be your best option to pick up this vehicle.

Fiat Panda 4×4

The Fiat Panda 4×4 is a pocket rocket of a vehicle. With an automatic 4WD system, you can keep moving when the snow hasn’t cleared. Perhaps best for town driving, rather than snowy hillsides, this car is seen by many as a fun, cost-effective vehicle rather than an all-terrain battler that can handle anything thrown at it. Although should a journey through town when the snow is falling be needed, this is a great option. Spacious, affordable, and packed with the basics, this could be the ideal winter car if you are working on a budget.

With our Fiat Finance deals, you can bag this bargain today!

Citroen C3 Aircross

Citroen delivers a fantastic small car, small price option here that can certainly help you drive through the white stuff without much concern. Only available in 2WD, you might be thinking it could struggle if the snow gets deep or the ice blights the roads, but the optional grip control gives you fantastic control for a variety of conditions. The system senses the road conditions and adjusts the power sent to the wheels to ensure that you are getting the maximum grip for the road surface you are driving on.

With lots of space, the kids, as well as your luggage, are well catered for and the range of safety features gives you the added reassurance that your drive will be trouble-free. With plenty of customization options, you can make the C3 a reflection of your character too if you wish! Expect to pay around £9,000 for a used model.

Best family cars for snow

You wouldn’t necessarily think that an estate or saloon would be among the best options but there are a few models out there that are worth considering.

BMW 5 Series xDrive

The BMW 5 Series xDrive is a stunning saloon that for many, sets a precedent for how a family car should be.

The xDrive is an excellent 4WD system that gives owners of a 5 Series some much-needed assistance when required. Add in the wealth of tech and safety features and the car ticks so many boxes.

With a lane-change assistant and an evasion aid as optional safety features, drivers can remain confident that their car is helping them stay safe on the road. Much depends on the trim you opt for, and that is where the expense comes in. LED front fog lights, M Sport brakes and more can all be added.

Hybrid versions are available, as are both petrol and diesel. Prices can vary significantly though so look out for editions that suit your needs before committing to a BMW finance deal.

Volvo V60 Cross Country

When you want the best of an SUV and estate, you need to look no further than the V60. With 4WD as standard, it’s built to handle slippery and snowy conditions. With autonomous emergency braking and emergency steering equipped too, the vehicle provides both driver and family with a comfortable, safe ride.

You can even add a winter pack that brings in heated seats, headlight cleaning and a heated front windscreen.

This is quite an expensive family car, but it does provide space, safety and reliability. All key when looking to purchase a car that needs to handle more than most!

Skoda Superb 4×4

Skoda has totally transformed their reputation that was so negatively crafted in the 80s. Whilst their prices still match the cheap and affordable angle, vehicles have continually developed. The Superb 4×4 is a brilliant, spacious family car perfect for winter. With lots of boot space, you can pack up and head off to your winter wonderland without concern about leaving anything behind.

Each trim offers a little more than the last and you can benefit from great efficiency when opting for the SE 1.6TDi GreenLine.

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Best cars for snow 2023 FAQs

What cars are best for driving in snow?

A 4×4 will provide the best options for all-round grip and control for driving in snowy weather but the application of winter tyres can be a huge benefit to a regular estate or hatchback should a large 4×4 be out of your current budget. Just don’t opt for them off-road.

What cars are bad for driving in snow?

Safety is paramount when the weather turns so you need stability, grip, and control. A front-engine, rear-wheel drive car can compromise these. RWD makes the wheels more unpredictable on slippery surfaces and without the weight of the engine on top of them, grip can be considerably reduced.

Can I upgrade my car to make it safer in the snow?

There are many things you can do to your car to help keep you safe driving in the snow, rain or wintery conditions. The use of winter tyres, snow chains, are a help of course but converting your car to 4WD or adding traction control aren’t things you should consider as you may invalidate the cars warranty and cause lasting damage to your vehicle as well as spending lots of money. It could actually be cheaper, and more beneficial to secure a new car on finance instead.

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