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5 Reliable Cars to Consider for your Next Vehicle

Posted on 16th March 2023
5 Reliable Cars to Consider for your Next Vehicle

Whenever you purchase a car, whether it be one you have secured on a cheap car finance deal, one you have bought outright or a vehicle that required new drivers car finance one thing will be at the forefront of your mind. Is the car reliable?

Having to regularly get your car repaired or towed is one of the most frustrating things to encounter as a driver. After all, you paid for a vehicle that you believed was in great condition and having to spend more on getting it working than you did for the actual car itself is never a welcome situation.

At Euphoria, every vehicle that we offer finance on is subject to stringent inspection and will not be released until we are 100% certain that the vehicle meets our high standards.

With that in mind, we picked 5 reliable cars it may be worth considering for your next vehicle.

Reliable cars you should be considering

Depending on your needs, there are a variety of vehicle types that could be beneficial to you. We picked 5 cars that cater for varying needs. Should any stand out and appeal to you, let us know as our team can have you looking today and driving tomorrow. Get a free car finance quote and see how easy it is!

Now let’s find 5 reliable cars you should consider.

1.       Toyota Prius

The Prius has long been a popular model among families as well as those often commuting via the road. Although no longer made as a new car, there are plenty of used car finance deals available for the Prius.

With the hybrid car utilising fantastic economic benefits as well as the high standard of reliability Toyota are proud of, this is a fantastic, affordable car that not only drives well but looks good too.

2.      Skoda Superb

Many years ago, Skoda was often tarnished with being sluggish, ugly and just a downright horrible car. Oh, how times have changed! We now see so many Skodas on the road and that is in part due to their great reliability. The Superb boasts hatch and estate versions with both providing various editions, each combining an array of excellent external and interior features. Winner of the WhatCar Best Estate award in 2022 as well as the Best Value Executive Car accolade in the same year, the reputation of the Superb should be enough to help you know just how good the car is.

3.      Kia XCeed

An SUV that isn’t an SUV could perhaps be one way to describe this excellent car from the Kia collection. At a price point that is cheaper than most, the appeal starts at the pound sign but the reliability it offers enhances that appeal further. Currently available as a PHEV and petrol-fuelled vehicle, the XCeed comes with some great features as well as great economic benefits.

4.      Volkswagen Golf

Perhaps one of the most iconic cars of the past 30 years, the VW Golf is a car that has been and is continually embraced by those looking for a reliable vehicle. With a selection of models to fit the needs of any driver, each is great to drive, especially those at the higher end of the market. Boasting plenty of space for four adults to travel in comfort as well as the added assurance of a 5-star Euro NCAP score, the VW Golf is a fine vehicle to consider. Factor in the array of safety features alongside the additional interior tech and the broad range of models available and it will be easy to find one that suits your needs.

5.      BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series recently topped a survey as the most reliable new car in the UK and with the reputation BMW have for quality, it stands to reason. With stunning interior design, a huge variety of great tech and a sleek yet solid appearance, the 3 Series is the executive car you may have never known you needed! Like the VW Golf, it proudly holds the 5-star Euro NCAP rating for safety, but it can also be upgraded with further safety features should you wish. It is Economical too, thanks to both mild-hybrid and PHEV versions and its generally good petrol consumption. Seen by some as a little more expensive, could the 3 Series be a case of getting what you pay for? We think it could be!


If you are looking for a reliable car for your next vehicle, you can’t go far wrong with the five we have selected. With all available on used or new car finance, you could be finding that the chance to get down on repair costs is easy when you speak with us. Working as direct lenders, we ensure that no matter your circumstance, you can still pick up a new car. Helping secure bad credit car loans for those with poor credit ratings is something we specialise in. Contact us today to find out more.

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