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5 Features You Can Go Without in Your Car (And 5 You Can’t!)

Posted on 27th June 2023
5 Features You Can Go Without in Your Car (And 5 You Can’t!)

Whenever we are in the market for a new car, we are often inundated with an array of information about the incredible features the car may offer us.

In some cases, these features help swing your decision into whether the car is worth securing quick car finance for. Ultimately though, are they worth it? In some cases, these additional features can add substantial cost to an already expensive purchase and in many instances, you probably won’t even need them!

In this edition of our blog, we picked 5 things that often become a feature of a car that may sound desirable but in reality, do little to change your driving experience at all.

The 5 features you probably do not need in your car

A sunroof

When summer comes it’s nice to let the cool air flow through the car right? Windows down, music up, that sort of thing…

What if we told you a sunroof wasn’t the game changer you thought it was? With your windows and air con perfectly viable options, do we need an extra window on the roof? Factor in that sudden downpours or the odd bird dropping could make a rather unpleasant remainder of your journey and you’ll soon be glad you steered away from making a sunroof a priority.

Heated seats

Heated seats seem to be available in every new car and they may provide you with a warm bottom on a cold day. Now if we were to think about it, the moment we get in a car and take a seat, the potential cold from the seat is removed relatively quickly thanks to our bodies.

Another thing to think of is that once you have activated the seat’s bottom warming capabilities, you need them to warm up. By the time they reach a toasty temperature, you have already warmed the seat naturally thanks to your sitting in it!

Driving modes

For most of us, we use our car to get from A-2-B. Work, school pickups, shopping, that’s perhaps about it. Maybe the odd road trip for a staycation or a fun day out but nothing too extreme. No off-road driving or racing for example!

So that begs the question, do we need several driving modes in a vehicle? With settings like, “eco”, “sport”, “Normal” and so on, but the differences between them are quite minimal, you could save yourself considerable money by leaving this feature out and instead seeing that cash either saved or invested in another more important add-on for your car.

In-built Sat-Nav

Now this could be seen as a controversial decision by some, and we can understand why. Finding the safest and quickest route to your destination can be hugely beneficial. The thing is, we all, for the most part, have smartphones with features like Google Maps built in. They work the same as your inbuilt sat-nav system and don’t require you to pay a premium for them to be part of the car.

Plug your phone into one of the many ports available to keep it charged and you’ll be able to navigate your way without fear of running out of power or losing your direction.

Lane assist

Another addition for the newer cars but one that isn’t always necessary. It works to inform you if you are in the centre of the lane or not but is it worth it?

With one more thing to focus your eyes on, an argument could be made that it further impedes driver safety whilst others will say it will help you stay where you need to be on the road. In some cars, this system has been seen to be a little problematic whilst in others it seems to work fine. It’s just up to you to judge whether this additional tech innovation will help keep you safe or drive better.

Notable mentions should also go to gesture control, voice recognition, G-force meters and gear change indicators. All are not particularly of any merit and certainly not worth the additional cost you may see attached to a vehicle just for featuring them,

5 Items you can’t go without in your car

So above we covered 5 things that perhaps do not need to be part of your car, what about the ones you should strive to find as part of your vehicle though?


With more cars on the roads than ever before, the addition of cameras can prove to be extremely beneficial. Able to help you when it comes to parking in awkward spots or being helpful when there is an accident, the added cost of having such features in a car can far outweigh those of having to get your vehicle repaired.

Hill start assist

Not something all drivers will need but if you own a manual car and often have to park on a hill or regularly drive in hilly areas, the benefit can be quite large. Through the technology the system embraces, there is no chance of rolling back down the hill as you get going. Whilst the more experienced driver may not feel it necessary, those on first car finance may find it worthwhile as they get more and more adjusted to driving.

Heated windshield

Whilst not a huge technical innovation – they have been a feature for years – a heated windshield can be a blessing. With the ever-changeable weather we have in the UK, you may not utilise this all the time but when you do, you’ll be thankful for it.

Temperatures last winter hit double-digit negatives in many places and when starting early in the morning for work, scraping that ice whilst trying to stave off the cold is no easy task. So, start up your car, allowing the windshield to get to work. Then either sit in your vehicle or even head back inside for a minute. Then within no time, the ice is gone, and you are good to go!

Automatic emergency braking

An AEB system will help prevent accidents and costly repair bills. By sensing vehicles that are too close, the brakes are applied automatically by the vehicle to stop a collision. Some systems also include pedestrian detection, which can be extremely useful in a built-up area where people may cross the road more freely.

Android Auto or Apple CarPlay

Mobile phones are one of the leading causes of accidents as drivers complacent enough to use them whilst driving end up crashing into other cars, pedestrians or stationary objects. Utilising the tech behind Android Auto or Apple CarPlay allows the phone to stay out of sight whilst giving the driver use of its capabilities. Voice activation answers calls, replies to texts and access apps like Spotify all whilst you give your attention to the road.


At Euphoria Finance, we like to be open and honest with you. No hidden surprises at all, and then even comes down to what we tell you about the cars we sell. We want you to feel fully confident whether you are buying a new car on finance or are in the market for a used model. With access to over 50,000 vehicles, our team can give you the lowdown on why a car would be good for you and why it wouldn’t. And should your credit score be a concern, do not worry, our position as a car finance direct lender means that we can say yes to more people. Poor credit car finance is just one of many ways we can help you secure your next car.  Get your free car finance quote today and be driving away tomorrow!


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