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5 Convertibles You Should be Driving This Summer

Posted on 20th June 2023
5 Convertibles You Should be Driving This Summer

With the warmer weather upon us, beach drives and BBQs are soon to be the order of the day and what better way to get to them than with the wind blowing through your hair as your car cruises onwards to your next dose of summer fun?

And despite the UK being known for its wet weather, when the summer sunshine hits, we love nothing more than getting the chance to enjoy it no matter how short that time may be.

It may be surprising to know that convertibles are bought by more people in Britain than anywhere else in Europe which just goes to show, we REALLY want to enjoy that sun when it finally comes!

So, if you are considering joining the club this summer and think that a new convertible could be your car for 2023 check out our list of the 5 top models on the market. Find one you fancy. Then consider new car finance with us and you could be driving away tomorrow!

Mini Cooper Convertible

The classic mini is a car for all seasons, but the Cooper Convertible comes into its own when summer arrives. Available in editions up to 2Lt and in either automatic or manual, it’s a car full of versatility.

With a host of trim options, all budgets are catered for and whilst some tech comes as standard, each edition does come with its own added extras, such as inbuilt phone charging, leather seats and chrome headlights.

Many drivers champion that the weather here in the UK is so changeable, the car still feels like it protects you from wind bluster. Its shape makes you feel almost covered despite the roof being down.

Highly reliable, a strong engine and a fantastic price point add to the reasons people are looking to snap one up for summer 23.

Audi TT Roadster

For those of us that may have been on the roads for a little longer, the Audi TT may invoke memories of So Solid Crew as they littered their music videos with them but 20 years on the TT still tops charts, unlike South London’s most famous garage outfit.

Sleek in design, fantastic to drive and with a fast drop-down, it appeals to those looking for something a little sporty. A minimalist dashboard makes locating the function you require easy and the inbuilt infotainment among other interior features make each trim of the TT Roadster one to impress. Front and 4WD are on offer as well as both manual and automatic transmission.

A huge variety of colours to choose from add to the chance to add a bit of character to your drive. Just keep in mind certain extras that come as standard in some trims can cost significantly more in others.

Lexus LC Convertible

At the higher end of the market, we have the Lexus LC convertible, a stylish, eye-opener of a car that is sure to draw admiring glances as you cruise past with the top down.

20-Inch alloys help add to the allure and a V8 engine packs the punch the 10-speed automatic gearbox desires. Packed full of plenty of equipment as standard, Lexus do want you to get value for money and are not afraid to show off a mix of stunning design and great tech. The infotainment looks amazing on its 10-inch display, the only downside with it though is the slightly more awkward system to use when compared to other cars.

Of those on our list, it may not be the best to drive but it’s certainly the one if you want people to stop and admire your car!

Fiat 500c Electric

For a convertible with a bit of a difference and a chance to improve your carbon footprint, this cute convertible could be your best option. With zero emissions you are doing your bit for the environment and with the fantastic battery power you are doing wonders for your wallet without the need to charge as often.

Ideal as a city car, this convertible is a little different to the others as rather than the full roof drop-down, you instead have a sliding cloth hood that winds back behind the rear seats. This then leaves the pillars and cantrails still on show. It makes for a cool-looking car, just don’t plan to do the big shop in it as space is limited. Getting around town though is just perfect for this little convertible.

Packed full of quality tech and an interior furnished with great materials, the three trims available each offers a little something extra to your drive.

Mazda MX-5

Mazda has built a reputation for some great, neat cars over the years and the MX-5 continues that trend for motorists that enjoy the top down. Priced well enough to suit a variety of budgets, the MX-5 shouts both classic and modern in one go. It’s been on the market since 2015 but with each year seeing various tweaks to it being made, it still stands up against other convertibles as one to be added to the wish list.

Available in a 1.5lt and 2lt engine, the car handles beautifully and in each trim, you’ll find a variety of fantastic add-ons. Whether heated seats, touchscreen infotainment or cruise control are part of what you look for in a car or not, all come as part of the offering even in the lower-level trim.

With a manual 6-speed gearbox and rear-wheel drive, the MX-5 is a great convertible to sink your teeth into and with great fuel economy too, it could save you even more cash!


Do any of our 5 convertibles get you thinking about summer driving? If so, speak to us today! With access to over 50,000 vehicles, we make it easy for you to secure your next car. With cheap car finance available no matter your credit status, a simple quote for quick car finance could see you driving your new vehicle in as little as 24 hours! And if you are concerned about being turned down, do not worry! In fact, bad credit car loans are one of our most common requests. Contact our team today to see how easy it is for us to make your driving dreams come true.


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