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5 Best Vans for Camper Conversion

Posted on 23rd July 2021
5 Best Vans for Camper Conversion

You might have recently been inspired by #vanlife and are looking to start your adventures in a campervan. In a campervan, you can enjoy complete freedom to go and explore anywhere and everywhere, all in your home-away-from-home.

Lots of people are choosing to go the DIY route by converting a van into their dream campervan. Doing it this way means you can design your perfect campervan exactly how you want it, specifically for your needs. You will also be able to save money by converting rather than buying a ready-made campervan. Used vans are generally much cheaper than campervans, so you’ll just need to budget for the parts you need to get it converted.

There’s a huge range of options of vans that are ideal for conversion. Below are some of the best vans we found to create your ideal campervan.

Ford Transit

The Ford Transit is one of the most popular vans in the UK and for good reason. They’re cheap, practical, and easy to drive. Thanks to their popularity there’s always plenty of parts available, making maintenance simple. They come in various roof heights, so you’ll have a choice for your campervan conversion.

Whilst the cargo area is sizeable, Ford Transits are generally on the smaller side, so will be better suited to solo or couples travelling.

Volkswagen Transporter

Volkswagen is an icon of campervans, and the Transporter makes for a great van to convert. The van is reliable, comfortable and drives easily, for those not used to driving vans. It’s available in high specifications and in a variety of lengths, so you’ll definitely be able to find the right one to suit your needs.

Transporters can hold their value, so you may have to pay a premium whether you’re buying new or used. Buying a van on finance may be a good option for you, so you can still enjoy the quality that comes with a Transporter.

Vauxhall Vivaro

The Vauxhall Vivaro is a medium-sized van, big enough for your camper conversion but not too unruly to drive. The roof is quite low, but the van has a large payload, so you’ll definitely be able to fit in all your items. They come in a range of engines, including fully electric versions.

Vivaros can sometimes require more maintenance and servicing than other vans, but they’re economical to run and drive almost like a car.

Renault Trafic

The Renault Trafic is one of the most popular vans in Europe and stands out from the crowd due to its styling. The van has a reliable engine and is easy to drive. There’s plenty of space inside and it has a pop-up top option for even more room.

Thanks to the extra space, the Renault Trafic is perfect for families and groups of friends. It has great potential for customisation and has a range of accessories that can come pre-built in.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is the largest van on our list, offering the most space for camper conversion. This makes it ideal for larger families or groups, or for longer trips. It has huge potential for all sorts of camper conversions and can come with a range of different specifications. The Sprinter is built to a high quality with plenty of power, whilst also being comfortable.

The Sprinter can be more expensive than other options, but due to its popularity, used models and spare parts are often available.


If you’re looking to purchase a van on finance to start your dream campervan conversion, Euphoria Finance can help you find the right van quickly and easily.

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