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5 Best Cars for Motorway Driving

Posted on 22nd September 2021
5 Best Cars for Motorway Driving

Whilst a surprising number of drivers avoid motorways on their journeys, statistically motorways are the safest type of road in the UK. Modern cars are increasingly being designed to drive better for longer periods of time. If you’re driving many miles on the motorway, you’ll want a car that’s reliable, comfortable and has good fuel economy.

These are our five favourite cars for motorway driving, with options for every budget.

Volvo V60

The Volvo V60 has a spacious and comfortable interior, making it perfect for motorway driving. The seats are thickly padded and the driver’s seat even has lumbar adjustment for added support. The dashboard’s digital instruments include media, telephone and navigation data, all right in front of the driver’s eye-line.

The Volvo V60 utilises the most up to date, high tech safety devices, including the anti-crash tools that are used in larger Volvos. It’s one of the safest cars on the market and has a five-star rating from the Euro NCAP. The entry-level V60 diesel has a fuel efficiency of 55.3mpg. There is also a plug-in hybrid option, which offers a fuel efficiency of 113-156.9pmg.

Audi A6

The Audi A6 was made for motorway driving and is one of the more affordable luxury cars. The A6 offers a quiet drive, with engine noise being kept to a minimum and even road and wind noise being dampened. The driver’s seat is fully adjustable and has electric lumbar adjustment as standard. A touchscreen offers climate control and other convenience features.

There’s great visibility all around the Audi A6, with thinner pillars than its closest rivals and large rear side windows, perfect for checking your blind spot before you change lanes. The fuel economy ranges from 34.9mpg to 52.3mpg. There is also a plug-in hybrid model available, which can be a great option for a company car fleet.

Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius has some of the lowest running costs when compared to other cars in its size range. All Prius models have a 1.8 litre petrol engine supported by electric motors and a battery pack, which is charged by extra power from the engine. There’s also a plug-in model which can be charged from the mains.

The interior is quite comfortable, with adjustable seats and extra lumbar support. The steering wheel and pedals are well positioned and the large front windscreen offers a good view of the road ahead. The Active trim is great value and comes with extra safety functions, like forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking, lane departure alert and adaptive cruise control.

Ford Mondeo

The Ford Mondeo has been hugely popular with commuters. Thanks to its comfortable interior and efficient but powerful engines, it’s great for motorway driving. It has a very stable drive, even at high speed. There’s little vibration through the pedals or steering wheel and minimal engine noise.

The entry-level Ford Mondeo has manually adjustable seats, but the more expensive trims have electric adjustability. Either way, the seats are comfortable and supportive, even over long distances. The Mondeo has a five-star rating for safety tests with Euro NCAP and all Mondeos come with automatic emergency braking. Its fuel economy is around 31-36.7mpg for the petrol engine and 38.7-56.6mpg for the diesel.

Volkswagen Golf

Whilst the Volkswagen Golf makes for a great town car, it is also terrific on motorways. It’s commonly seen as a hatchback but there is an estate version available if you need more boot space. The seats are easily adjustable, as is the rake and reach of the steering wheel. Some trim options have controls for convenience features, like climate control, on the steering wheel, so you can keep your eyes on the road.

The Golf has a large windscreen and side windows which give good visibility. For fuel economy, the petrol engine can give around 42mpg and the diesel engine can give around 65mpg. Every newer model of Golf comes with automatic emergency braking, lane-keeping assistance and even a driver fatigue monitor. They are also fitted with Car2X which shares information on hazards and traffic conditions in an 800m radius.

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