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5 Amazing Automatic cars on the Smaller Side

Posted on 27th June 2022
5 Amazing Automatic cars on the Smaller Side

Sometimes, you just don’t need the big estate, the huge SUV, or the family saloon. A hatchback or a city car can be more than suitable and sometimes come with features that the larger cars may charge significantly more to have incorporated.

Take for example, automatic transmission, for some it is a luxury, for some, it is a necessity. For others, it’s just that little too expensive.

Or look at it another way, the gear shifting, can just be annoying right? You just want to put your foot down on the accelerator and get moving, put your foot on the brake and come to a stop. Whilst the clutch pedal is an extra workout for your foot, maybe, just maybe you don’t fancy it anymore!

We thought we would have a look at 5 small cars that incorporate this feature. Some you may have on your wish list already, others you may have not been aware of!


Either way, strap in and put your foot down, no need for the clutch-these are the 5 best small automatics you could secure fast car finance on!

Vauxhall Corsa Auto

The corsa has long been a staple for new drivers looking for first car finance. Cheap to run, affordable to buy, and not too expensive to insure. It ticks most of the boxes a new driver has on their list. With a 1.2L three-cylinder engine and 99bhp, the Corsa is an ideal first-time driver vehicle., This smart little runner comes in both petrol and electric versions.

Mini 5-door hatchback

The Mini has become so on-trend in recent years that more and more people are coming to direct lenders like Euphoria Finance to secure cheap car loans in order to snap one up. The 5-door hatchback is no exception and its stylish look is complimented by the fact its resale value doesn’t depreciate as much as some other popular models. A modern interior and a larger-than-expected boot make for an Aladdin’s cave of a vehicle. With 7-speed automatic transmission, 9inch colour screen, and DAB radio, we love it!

Toyota Yaris Hybrid

The Toyota Yaris is another one of those models growing in popularity on the road. Perfect for the drive around town and complimented with a spacious interior, the smallest hybrid currently on the market, and also one of the most economical.

The automatic gears work wonderfully at low speeds but the car can start to sound like it’s working the engine too hard the faster you go. It’s nothing to worry about and the tradeoff for the environmental benefits this car brings should allow you to forgive that. Apple carPlay and Android Auto are both available and the adaptive cruise control, touchscreen, and reversing camera add to the value.

Ford Fiesta Hatchback

It is an all-time classic, and it is no wonder. It appears on multiple lists for a variety of reasons and this entry is another for it to add to its credentials. There are a variety of editions all available and none would appear to break the bank. An important selling point on its own some may say! To enjoy the automatic of this classic model, you will have to invest in the 1L eco-boost at 123bhp. It isn’t as quick as many, but it makes up for that with a roomy interior and decent tech. The Fiesta will constantly evolve so keep an eye out for the new models to see what innovation is next.

Renault Clio Hybrid

For a cheap-to-run car that embraces F1-style technology you need look no further. The Clio infuses a 1.6litre engine with an electric motor and small battery pack . Running with 64.2mpg it is proving popular as an option for businesses to turn to for a company car as well as one for those who enjoy the small road tax discount this vehicle brings. The automatic gears are inspired by the work done by the Alpine(Renault) F1 team meaning smooth transitions and reliability.


If you are looking to move into the world of automatic gearboxes or just want to downsize your car, speak to our team. We are experts at providing affordable car finance no matter what your status. As a direct lender, we specialise in poor credit car loans meaning you can apply for finance in confidence.

With access to over 50,000 vehicles, Euphoria Finance can make sure you get the best used car finance deals. Speak to us today or get a free car finance quote right now!



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