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10 Of the Best Cars for Teens

Posted on 14th March 2022
10 Of the Best Cars for Teens

The first car purchase is one that all new drivers look forward to and at Euphoria Finance, we have been helping first time drivers with first car finance for years.

What though is the best car for a young driver to get behind the wheel of for their first car?

We thought we would take a look at some of the best models on the market for those looking to get their first vehicle and secure fast car finance.

Kia Picanto

Smaller cars tend to be the car of choice for new drivers. Cheaper to purchase, cheaper to insure and cheaper to run. They tick all the boxes.

The Kia Picanto is no different – with an economical 50mpg, low insurance costs and the benefit of a 7-year warranty, it is no surprise it is popular among those looking for a first car.

It’s also equipped with Bluetooth so the Spotify tunes can keep playing and a USB port so you can connect your tech. Some models also feature Apple CarPlay too.

If a Kia Picanto is the car for you, speak to our team to see how we can secure new drivers car finance for you today!

Ford Fiesta

An all time classic of a British first car purchase. This model has stood the test of time and evolved. Available in a variety of versions, each one is equipped slightly differently. The Fiesta combines classic with modern effortlessly.

Incorporating both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay into all models, the Fiesta helps keep you ahead of the game with technology without the excessive costs often associated with it.

Find your First Ford with Euphoria Finance – we specialize in securing first car finance.

Volkswagen Polo

A VW is another of those first cars that just shouts about its suitability simply by looking at it. Another classic just like the Fiesta, it has stood the test of time and constantly developed its key features. Available in a variety of versions it is the Polo Life that really appeals to new drivers. Its DAB radio, alloy wheels and digital display screen being just part of the lure.

We specialize in VW finance and can help you find that new or used VW Polo with ease.

Vauxhall Corsa

For years the Corsa has been both the subject of ridicule and praise, with many slating it for being such a common first car. Others love it due to its low cost and economic ability.

The days of it being panned though now seem over. In 2021 it was the top selling car in the UK! A stunning collection of versions, including an electric model now fill the Corsa shelf. It is the SE model that is perfect for new drivers.

Alloy wheels, 7-inch colour touchscreen and aircon all add to the standard features and help make this a car that is likely to maintain its place at the top of the wanted list.

Whether after new or used car finance for your first car, speak to us at Euphoria Finance so we can help you get your hands on a Corsa.

Peugeot 108

For years the small Peugeot cars have been a staple of the new drivers’ wishlist. The 108 comes in as the cheapest but doesn’t give that impression. The Active is currently the cheaper of the versions on the market and provides the driver with a host of modern tech as well as safety features.

In a recent survey the 108 came out as the third most reliable city car. Its economic fuel consumption and low insurance mean you make a saving on across the board when driving this car.

New car finance is available on Peugeot 108s at Euphoria Finance.

Renault Clio

It seems that most cars on our list have a history of being popular with first time drivers for years. The Renault Clio is no different. From its inception, it has long been a model snapped up by drivers looking for a cheap, economical and stylish vehicle.

The touchscreen and Apple CarPlay are a welcome addition, and its strong safety record is reassuring to parents.

Drive away with a Renault Clio no matter what your circumstance. We can offer the best car finance for bad credit.

Dacia Sandero

If cost is the biggest concern, then Dacia have you well and truly in mind. Available from as little as £7995, the Sandero is the budget car with a difference. Incorporating similarities to the Renault Clio you would be hard pushed to find a new car that can give you what the Sandero does for its price. Even the next version up, The Sandero Comfort, comes in cheaper than base models of other brands.

Definitely one for the list if cost if the primary concern.

If you like the idea of a new Dacia, contact us today for a totally free quote.

Volkswagen Up!

The second VW to feature in the list, is the Up! A VW city car that has cemented its place among the pantheon of small car greats. Whilst it won’t boast high speed or the quickest acceleration, it will do plenty more.

Depending on the version, you can enjoy 16-inch alloys, beats sound and a big boot-perfect for that first holiday away with friends!

VW finance is one of our specialties and if the Up! is the model for you, find out how we can help today!

Toyota Yaris

This hybrid car infuses the best of electric motoring and petrol fueled driving. Embracing the reliability Toyota is known for, perhaps the only negative we can think of is the cost. It is a little more expensive than most of the cars featured on our list. Expect to pay around £20,000

Voted European car of the year in 2021 the Yaris boasts four versions, all incorporating a variety of tech. Self-charging and protected by a 100,000-mile warranty, this smart looking car is, for some, an easy choice for a first car.

A new or used Toyota Yaris might be what you are after – contact us for a free quote to see how we can get you driving.

Seat Ibiza

Alloys, Bluetooth, smartphone integration…need anything else? A new driver often looks to the tech rather than the spec and the Seat Ibiza includes all you need to remain connected. This doesn’t mean it compromises on other key features. Tyre pressure monitors, driver and passenger airbags, and autonomous emergency braking all come as standard. The Ibiza proudly flaunting its safety feature that make it one of the more desirable first cars

Affording your first car should be as stress-free as possible, our variety of finance options make it easier than ever to make it happen.


So, whatever you are in the market for, contact the Euphoria Finance team today for a free quote. Our affordable car finance deals make purchasing that first car on finance easy.

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