fbpx The 10 Motorcycle Accessories Every Rider Needs This Year

10 Essential Motorcycle Accessories Every Owner Needs

Posted on 18th April 2022
10 Essential Motorcycle Accessories Every Owner Needs

Riding out on your new motorbike can be an exhilarating experience: the roar of the engine, the closeness to the road, the agility of the bike itself. It all combines to create something very different to driving a car.

When you mount your two wheeled steed, though, there are some things you need to really make the ride a good.

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Now let’s look at the 10 must-have accessories every rider needs!

1.      Motorcycle jacket

It isn’t just to help you look the part – it’s there to protect you and keep you warm. Accidents on motorbikes accounted for 19% of all road accidents in 2019, but fatalities are on the decrease, largely due to protective clothing and a more attentive riding style.

When considering a jacket, look for the 10 key features that will help you look great but also keep you safe. You will need:

  • A rugged outer layer
  • Plenty of pockets
  • High visibility
  • Impact protectors (always make sure they are CE stamped)
  • Strom flaps
  • A soft collar
  • Adjustable cuff closures (you’ll thank us on a windy ride!)
  • Ventilation options (The British weather means you never know if you’re going to be cold or hot!)

2.     Smart brake modules

When riding, other road users may not always be aware of your intention to decelerate, even more so when it’s dark or raining. A smart brake module will allow you to signal to others that you are slowing down. It works by interacting with the bike’s core structure and utilising the brake light, giving other road users the signal you are slowing.

3.     A tool kit

It sounds like common sense, but many riders forget the importance of a roadside tool kit. Whilst you may not be able to fix significant problems with one, it will certainly help you with minor bike issues. Look for one that contains:

  • Pliers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Socket wrenches
  • Torx wrenches

4.     Motorcycling gloves

Your hands are always exposed when riding, and when it comes to upper body injuries, wrists are most frequently broken. With that in mind, a good pair of gloves is very important. Look for a pair that not only provide comfort, but keep your hands warm, have knuckle protection, extended wrist protection and allow for full hand and wrist movement.

5.     Motorcycle boots

A durable pair of boots not only provide you with safety but help keep you in control of your vehicle. By giving you proper ankle and foot support, the risk of injury is significantly reduced. If you were to find yourself in an accident, it would normally be your ankle that makes first impact with the road, especially if riding on a road with divots and dips. In America the marine corps found that wearing proper armoured motorcycle boots reduces open wound injury risk by 90%.

6.     Knee guards and motorcycle trousers

This is another key piece of kit that can often be forgotten, which is surprising considering how important they are. When it comes to trousers, an ideal pair should be breathable, waterproof and durable. Coming off your bike at speed can result in serious injury, but much of the impact and abrasion is absorbed by a sturdy pair of trousers. Likewise, knee guards that allow flexibility and strength can prevent broken bones and severe open wound injuries.

7.     Motorcycle shield

These are great for helping to enjoy the view and also ride safely. Rather than wearing glasses on an open face helmet, you could use a photochromic shield. They alter from light to dark depending on the level of sunlight, ensuring you can always see clearly. Further to this, other brands incorporate anti-fog technology, providing a further element of safety on your ride.

8.     Tyre sealant

This entry on our list is neither a piece of wearable equipment nor an addition to your bike, but without it, you could find yourself in a spot of bother. A puncture is always frustrating and, depending on its severity, can ruin your ride. Packing a good sealant is a great way to futureproof yourself against a dangerous problem. Scour the market for the most suitable sealant for your tyres. Some sealants work with tubeless tyres, others only with tubed, and others still will work with both.

9.     Motorbike bag or backpack

Depending on the type of ride you’re going on could decide the type of gear you need to take. With the British weather being so variable and unpredictable, these bags are a godsend for storing additional items that may be more suited to the changing climate. You could also store provisions and additional equipment. These features can then enable a short, pleasurable ride to become a longer, more scenic road trip.

10.  Reflective vest and stickers

You may have bought a stunning biker jacket, and many come with reflective strips. However, the wear and tear your jacket endures means you might need to increase your visibility. Alerting other road users to your presence is a key part of riding. If you don’t fancy adding a vest to your jacket, at least consider some stickers to the bike itself.

These are our ten suggestions for the most important accessories for motorbike riders. We have intentionally omitted helmets, as these simply shouldn’t be forgotten and are a legal requirement rather than an accessory.

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