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10 Best Cars for Dog Owners

Posted on 30th December 2020
10 Best Cars for Dog Owners

We know that many customers have added a new furry member to their family whilst spending more time at home. With this comes a lot of responsibility beyond keeping them fed and walked daily. So, there’s no surprise that cars and vans with large boot space are a booming business.

Transporting your dog from A to B for walks and adventures can be made a lot easier with the right car. We have selected the best cars for every dog, no matter what size or budget.

The best vans for crates and multiple dogs

When you have chosen a Great Dane as a companion, or have a furry family, you need to bring out the big dogs. Dog crates are often square, so estate cars or SUVs don’t always make sense. Car windows become like a greenhouse which can dehydrate your dog, whereas vans keep them cool.

Van can be fully customised or converted, and separate you and your dog with the bulkhead, keeping doggy smells and mud under control too. You can set up the back with equipment for baths, brushing and feeding. These vans will provide maximum space and comfort.

Citroen Berlingo Multispace

The Citroen Berlingo Multispace is an incredibly compact yet practical family van that’s great value for money. The new model was designed like an MPV so feels more like a car. It’s roomy enough for a few dogs inside and you can opt for a diesel engine for more efficient fuel consumption. Plus, it’s an economical choice 44-67 mpg combined.

Ford Transit Connect

A 1.5-litre EcoBlue diesel engine now powers most Ford Transits, great for city dwellers. They are great for dogs because they and can easily fit multiple cages depending on your needs. It is still compact for a van with a sliding door for ease of access, and twin doors at the back. The front wheel drive system caters for heavy loads.

VW Transporter Camper Van

This van has a larger loading capacity than the Ford Transit, up to 1244kg. All engines are 2.0-litre diesels. You can choose from twin opening doors or a top-hinged single door, and every van has a side sliding door. The cabin is particularly car-like in appearance, with three seats for a child to travel with you too.

Vauxhall Combo

Another economical choice with great suspension for a smooth ride. Alike its rivals, it is easy to load and unload with plenty of space. What makes the Vauxhall Combo different is rear parking sensors making reversing, for those who aren’t masters at parking, much easier.

Renault Kangoo

This van performs fuel economy of up to 65.7mpg and comes in an electric model to be even more economical. The defining feature of the Kangoo is its folding rear seats, making it adaptable for different days and passengers.

Buying a used van is ideal if you have a smaller budget. What’s more, we offer customisable van finance plans to help ease you into the investment.

The best cars for dogs

When you have only got one pooch, or need an adaptable car for extra seats, it is unnecessary to invest in a big van and crates. Nonetheless, you still want ease of access and appropriate space for them to easily jump in. Here are our top picks:

Ford Focus Estate

While the Ford Focus appears small from the outside, it has a 608 litre, adjustable boot for fitting in your dogs and when you need space for other items. Buying a larger engine will make sure it can cope with full loads.

Honda Civic Tourer

This choice offers a stylish and pooch-friendly exterior and interior, versatile enough for different dog owners. The boot holds up to 1,668 litres with the rear seats down, with underfloor storage and a low lip. The high-tech sat nav and infotainment system make it a great for family trips, as does the economical fuel consumption – 74.3mpg and road tax free.

VW Passat Estate

The Volkswagen Passat Estate is a great choice for a sleek look and feel, and reputable build quality. With a 650 litre boot, it can easily fit a few furry friends and rivals boot space of SUVs without the excess space everywhere else.

Skoda Superb Estate

This Skoda is four-wheel drive and has soft suspension to minimise stress to dogs. It also features a large rear opening and low load lip, making it easy for them to jump in and out. It even has two side compartments to store items like leads. The quality interior and strong driving performance make it a hit with drivers too.

Land Rover Discovery

We don’t need to explain why a Land Rover is a smart choice for dog owners. What you may not know though, is that they offer a ‘pet pack’ from £360. It includes all the pet accessories you could need – an access ramp, tailored quilted liner, foldable pet carrier and more.

If this guide has tickled your interest, you can get a finance quote with us for free! You’ll be surprised just how easy it is to get fast car finance!

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